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Rena Gregory   

The hormone estrogen levels of 3 Chinese baby girls, from 4 month to 15 month old, from Wuhan city have reached the level of adult females!

On 5th July, 2010, Mrs Deng from Jiangxia district in Wuchang county brought her 15 month old daughter, Fei to the Wuhan Children’s’ hospital because she had found two hard lumps on the baby girls’ breast area whilst she was bathing the child.

A specialist children’s Doctor, Jiang Zexi, wrote in the patient record: “After examination: breasts are large, and there is hyperaemia (swelling) of the vulva. Suggest stop all milk products.

Little Fei's grandma had been worried for some time since about the lumps and had taken the girl to Jiang Xia First People’s Hospital, but was told by doctors that it was nothing to worry about. After the condition did not improve, they went to Wuhan Children's Hospital to check again.

Wuhan TV reports on Fei's story. (screenshot)

After Wuhan TV reported on this case, another two families took their baby daughters, Xia, a 9 month old from Hanyang Gucikou area, and Dan, a 4 month old from Hankou Wujiashan area,  to hospital with similar symptoms, and the diagnosis was the same as little Fei's..

Fei's parents went to a professional testing lab to try to get the baby milk powder tested, but were refused.

According to Dongguan News, an insider said that the laboratory could only accept samples to be tested from a government registered company.

Fei’s mother had posted a question on a baby care internet site two months ago: My baby is 13 months old, and she uses Shengyuan Youbou milk powder, now her breasts are big, what can I do now?

The company refused to accept that their milk products are at fault according to Wuhan TV, but had been quietly offering money to baby's familys.  Fei’s mother told journalists that the company had tried to discuss compensation with them.

Dongguan News netconfirmed that the 3 babies had been using the same brand of milk products from the same company.

On 4th Aug, Dongguan News net reported that melamine contaminated milk powder had been discovered in Jilin province again. The owner of the Donggen Dairy Products company, Liu Zhanfeng, and its production manager, Wang Haifeng have been arrested; and 64 tons of milk powder and 12 tons of finished products have been confiscated. The Jilin Quality Bureau ordered  a quality check on all milk product within the province starting on 9th Aug.

On 3rd Aug. according to, the communist state bureau of quality control announced that the second test results on product quality in 2010 has been released and that thel formula milk powder products in the country have a 96.6% pass rate.