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Yu Tang   

A farmer in Wuhan province, Mr. Yang Youde has built a home made canon in his own crop field and has twice fought off local government thugs trying to forcefully evict him from his land.

Yang told local media, Xinjin Newspaper, he never wanted to hurt people, only to stop them from stealing his property.

He has written his will, and hopes his son will continue to fight for their rights if he is killed by the forced eviction thugs.

Yang likes to call his action a 'war' instead of "protecting human rights". He says: "Fighting a war, one need strategies." Lots of legal books are stacked on his table, and Yang can recite many lists in the books that relate to his case.

He also records all conversations between him and the village leaders. There are signs everywhere on his property with quotes and slogans from the Chinese Constitution about land issues .

The writing says: "I have no choice, but to face war." (screenshot)

"I want to live normally; I just hope that I will get a fair deal according to the established government egislation. I want to buy a computer, because I have heard that many people are supporting me on the internet." Yang told Xinjin Newspaper.

Yang explained: "in 2009,  Hubei Province legislated on the acquisition of land; it is number 46. According to law number 46, my land should fetch 46,800 yuan per mou. But our village leader only wants to give me 10,000 yuan per mou! but gives own friends more. He can exaggerate the size of the land, since he cannot change the rate for the land, as he has set himself to pay only 10,000 yuan per mou."

Yang could not make a fair deal with the village leader, so the village leader has tried to use force to evict him, and he decided to fight them off.

Yang demonstrating his canon. (screenshot).


Yang's canon site. (screenshot)

Yang's canon demonstration. (screenshot)

"I fought with them twice", Yang said: "On 6th February, and 25th of May. The May attack was very vicious, they had over 100 people with all sorts of weapons, like spades; iron rods, electric battons, etc, and my relatives had to call 110 (emergency rescue number)." "I want to take responsibility myself, and I do not want my relatives to be involved." Yang declared.

Yang lives with his wife; their son is in the army, and is far away from home.

While Yang demonstrated to the Xinjing Newspaper how he practiced his skills with his self made canon, he admits that his hands are sometimes shaking when handling the canon, as he is not sure if he will be killed by the forced eviction thugs, or he might hurt someone and be sent to jail. "I have no choice but to fight for myself!"

Yang's will to his son says: "I will never commit suicide, if I am killed, do not pity me - it is just like the light is off. you shall take back the money that belonged to me. This is the dignity of a farmer."

Editors note:  This news has been removed from many major Chinese websites. When clicking the title, many websites will display "The article you are searching for has been removed."