A Hundred Teachers Voluntarily Confess Print
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Yu Tang   

Last week, a few hundred words of a news item, meant that the small County mountain town of Yinde become very well known overnight .

The past CEO of the bureau of education of Yinde county, Lai laixin, was charged with corruption in November 2008,  totaling 660 thousand yuan, and is serving a ten year jail term. He was also fined 100 thousand yuan. ---- This is not news.

What is new?

Over one hundred past and present head masters from primary and high schools in Yinde county, came forward to confess their acts of soliciting and accepting commissions from suppliers. There are about 70 schools in this county.

The confessions related to contracts for supplying school uniforms; printing, and construction works etc.

According to local media, with about 70 schools totaling 600 thousand students, 4 sets of uniforms per student is a quite big business. Every year, there is another 200 thousand new pupils entering school. The supply of uniforms is a quite lucrative avenue for extra money for headmasters.

A blogger from Yinde county wonders: “Are there any good headmasters in schools in our county?”