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Learning Chinese: Harmful Gas Not Harmful?

Reporter reads news on TV. (screenshot)


Chinese blogger commented: It is not unusual news, but only Chinese understand and are used to this type of news.

Shanghai Expo Pays 30 billion Japanese Yen for Pirated Song PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Shanghai Expo 2010 has opened to the world with glittering displays and festivities.

Unfortunately. the theme song chosen for the Expo,  2010 waiting for you, was originally recorded by a Japnese singer, Mayo Okamoto in 1997, called I Rise.

According to the Chinese regime, 2010 waiting for you was produced by the Expo team at a cost of 10 million Chinese yuan, which is nearly US $1.5million, however it appears that the Expo had in fact used a song from 1997 without permission of the original owner.

Japanese singer, Mayo Okamoto. (screenshot)

The news was first reported in Japanese media after the Shanghai Expo theme song was broadcast in China on the 1st of April.

With many jokes and comments in Japanese media, the scandal finally reached Chinese bloggers a few days later.  Many Chinese bloggers commented online, but related news and blogs were suppressed by the Chinese communist regime, with many website posts on this issue removed by the communist web policemen, or Wu mao dang.

Recent reports in the Japanese media revealed that Shanghai Expo 2010 has agreed to pay Mayo Okamoto 30 billion Japanese yen, which is more than US $3.24 million for the rights to keep using her song.

News of the payment in Japanese paper. (screenshot)

The news certainly stirred up many online comments:

"What a lucky harvest for Mayo Okamoto"

"Shame on such a "harmonious government", they still have not learned from the fake song of the 2008 Olympics. but do they want to learn?"

"I support Mayo Okamoto, 'someone' is so shameful!" (editors note, Chinese bloggers are afraid of being persecuted if they openly criticize the communist government, so they have to express themselves in guarded ways.)

The Chinese state controlled media have been silent on this issue.



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