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Charity Begins at Home?

(screenshot from website of Chinese Embassy.)

Chinese bloggers are collecting Chinese school bus photos hoping to pass on these photos to the Macedonian Government and their students, to let them see the buses that they have to travel in.

Collected scene of Chinese school buses in this clip:

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Real China
Yu Tang   

Last month, comments and articles about "You are the meat on the chopping board" have flooded Chinese blogs. Some contain voice recordings of a shocking conversation in Wenzhou dialect: "You are the meat on my chopping board and I can chop you in whatever way I like”.

As the blog explained, Ms Dai, the deputy chief of the Family Planning Authority, had this conversation in her office with Mrs. Huang who had broken the Family Planning policy by having a second child. The comment was secretly recorded by Huang.

Dai: If you had paid it (800,000 yuan, US$117,000)  in the first instance, you would have never have had to pay so much. You yourself are to blame for your poor manner. You have tried procrastination. Well, if you don’t pay the fine now, it will be 1.6 million (US$ 234.000) tomorrow. We will see you in the court and you are doomed to lose. With this 1.6 million fine, we will take 800 thousand and visit Guangdong to give them the rest. Upon the settlement of this matter, we won’t give this 60 thousand back to you. It may go to Guangdong, we don’t care. I will impose a fine of 1.6 million on you.

Huang: Then YOU determine on the amount – 800 or 1.6 million?

Dai: Yes. Because now you are the meat on my chopping board and I can chop it any way I like. I am showing you a bit of courtesy today, because some of your family members have pleaded to my boss for mercy and I respect my boss’s face. How are you enjoying yourself now. Well, I fine you 860 thousand rather the initial 1.6 million because I am taking into account the face of my boss. If everyone does what you have done, my boss would have refused any plea from the outset. I ask for this 860 thousand in your favor and have not mentioned this to my boss. If you refuse, then I will talk to my boss who would let us do it our way, that is, 1.6 million. You have three months for legal action. If you refuse, we will make a fine of 1.6 million straight away.

Dai: That’s the way it works. It may be a lengthy process. You have three months to start the legal proceeding and we take time, never care a bit about the outcome. Win or lose, I don’t care; it doesn’t matter. I would lose nothing. All will be in the public purse. The loser will be you, to pay big money when you lose the case.

Huang: That is not necessary. Moreover, we have been fined already.

Dai: You’ve been fined and you want me to talk to my boss to cut down the amount of fine. They are two separate issues. You think you should be let off because of the fine you already paid. Well, we had a case in Yongjia where one had been fined 20 thousand plus, but we then issued another penalty notice worth 100 thousand to replace that. You came from Guangdong, a little far away from here but that doesn't matter. I can fly there. The 1. 6 million… that can foot all the cost. I only want 100 thousand to spend comfortably. That’s it. Think about it.

Note: Under the Chinese communist regimes' One Child Policy, people who have more than one child can be forcibly aborted, fined, dismissed from their jobs or generally harassed as if they are common criminals.

Content of screenshot: the average Chinese people yearly income in 2008 was 4761 yuan, which is about US$600, according to reports published on 26th Feb. 2009 by Chinese statutary authority.



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