High Profit Comes From Gutter Print
Real China
Yu Tang   

There are many highly profitable businesses in China. One of them is re-selling gutter oil back onto your dinner table. A Chinese university student investigated this "business" for her graduation paper. She found a multi-billion yuan business which runs very simply and easily.

People pay money to restaurants to "clean" out their oil waste from drains and gutters, and then treat the waste at home, to  extract the oil. They strain the solid waste out and sell it to pig farmers, then heat the liquid and add chemicals to get rid of the bad smell, then sell the oil back to restaurants, and also to pharmaceutical factories for making lip stick ---many exported.

This kind of "business" is so widely spread in China, that according to local news reports, in Chongqing city, there are 19 tons of gutter waste retrieved everyday, while in Changsha city, there are over 10 tons of gutter waste retrieved daily!

Here are photos posted by Chinese bloggers of the process of high profit cooking oil extracted from gutter waste: (screenshots)

Digging the waste from drains and gutter...

sorting the collection!

'purifying' process...

products and bottling...


The famous shichuan steamboat!

It maybe difficult for westerners to understand how the Chinese regime would let this happen, as anyone in China who is critical of the regime is punished severely, while corrupt practices such as this 'business' that affects Chinese people daily, are ignored.

The Chinese communist regime is focused on staying in power at any cost. and is the chief beneficiary of a society without morality.