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Why Professor Fan Crawled for One Kilometre

On 1 Jan 2014, Professor Fan Zongxin crawled on his hands and knees for a kilometre accompanied by his dog, with his wife filming him.

Why? On 1 Jan, 2013, when blogging on the web, Professor Fan predicted that during, Chinese officials who held positions at lower than provincial level, would open their affairs and income to public scrutiny. He promised that: : "If my prediction is not fulfilled, than I must be as stupid as a pig, I shall crawl for 1 km."

On 31st Dec. 2013, bloggers resurrected his post and reminded him of his promise. So he fulfilled his promise first thing on New Year's Day, which resulted in bleeding knees and palms.

Whilst he was crawling, people walking by and asked him what kind of Tai-chi or health training he was doing, Fan replied: "Straightening back bone for citizens."

Chinese bloggers applauded Professor Fan for keeping his word, and asked him if he would like to re-new his prediction and promise for this year. "NO, NO" he replied.

Earthquake Experts Predictions Ignored PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

A Chinese scientist, Mr. Zhang Deliang has successfully predicted many earthquakes inside and outside China, including the May 12th 2008 Sichuan earthquake. But his reports were purposefully ignored by the Chinese communist government.

A researcher, Mr. Pan Zhengquan of Sichuan Deyang earthquake prevention department had also successfully predicted and reported the Sichuan earthquake months before, but had been ignored. After the Sichuan earthquake, Mr. Pan was forced to take early retirement.

On January 24th 2008, and March 24th 2008, Mr. Zhang and a local government leader had written two letters to the earthquake center of China, to inform them that there was likely to be an earth quake of magnitude 8.4 on May 12th, in Wenchuan area, Sichuan province.

Zhang had also sent a report predicting the Yushu earthquake to Beijing earthquake center on 6th March, and to the government of Tibet on 5th March,  but both reports were ignored.

After the Sichuan earth quake, the Chinese communist regime decreed that no individual would be allowed to publish reporta about earthquakes.

Mr. Zhang Dejiang at home. (screenshot)

Zhang working on his 'desk', which is also his bed. (screenshot)

Mr. Zhang warned of above earthquake ahead of events, but was ignored. (screenshot)

A web blogger offered Zhang a computer, but Zhang's home has no internet coverage. so the computer sits idle. (screenshot)

Zhang's parents at home. (screenshot)



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