Witness Recalls the Real Scenes of Shichuan Earthquake of 2008 (warning: photos may cause distress) Print
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There are many sad stories about the ethics of the Chinese media in the aftermath of the Shichuan earthquake in May 2008. Here are few of the stories posted on kdnet by a blogger called burier.

10pm on 14th May, 2008 in Dujiangyan:
At one site: 2 survivors are discovered trapped under the debris: a middle aged female and an elderly male. A female journalist from CCTV ( let’s call her CCTV F,  she was the one who hosted the Himalaya part of the  Olympic torch relay) came over wanting to interview the survivors while rescuers are still  busy passing water to them and planning to get them out.
CCTV F: Can you just step aside awhile, and let us take photos first.
Rescuers: No, no we need to take them out first.” –-- CCTV placed a small board with notes on top of the debris that may collapse at any moment.
CCTV F: We only need 5 minutes.
Rescuer: “Let’s move this board away”
CCTV F: No need. Just leave it as is.”
CCTV F kept talking to the camera…..
The elderly man was moaning with agony… rescuers were asking him to conserve his energy.
CCTV F continues her reporting: “We have an elderly grandpa who is buried under the debris, he is moaning continuously, I will lower the microphone and let us see if we can here from him.” “Grandpa, can you hear me? Can you talk?”
Elderly man moaned again.
While the segment on TV was very catchy,  it was at the risk of losing the two survivors according to the witness.

Survivors carry the body of their child. (screenshot)






A Russian team had just rescued a survivor, a rescuer was shouting to the CCTV cameraman.
Why? Because the strong lights were focused on the survivors’ eyes.  The Russian rescuers took the survivor into a temporary rescue room and closed the door. But CCTV X insisted on entering to interview. They even ignored hygiene protocol and insisted on broadcasting while an  operation was in progress! While the doctor was preparing for  the operation, journalist Bo Xu, wanted to interview the doctor. The doctor was shouting: “You made me contaminated!” Xu refused to leave the operation room….

A female police officer was very busy helping to rescue people, although her own parents and her daughter had died in the quake.
A male CCTV journalist, Bai Yansong: “How can you still work so hard when your own loved ones have died already? While you are helping these people, do you think of your own parents and your own daughter?” Before getting an answer, Bai keeps asking her: “Have you found the bodies of your relatives?”
The police woman was so upset that she left the rescue tent.

A family of 4 drove a car full of food to the earthquake area, trying to help the survivors.  A CCTV journalist kept asking questions….and the last one was: “Do you think that they need this food?” The family were astounded and could only reply “Need?”

A Shichuan journalist was interviewing a young boy whose elder brother was buried under debris: “Will your brother come back?”
The boy answered: “Yes, he will be back.”
Journalist: “Tell me the truth.”

Chen Jian was found under the debris after 72 hours. The Shichuan TV journalist kept trying to interview him live as he was being dragged out of the rubble. Chen died of his injuries and exhaustion shortly after being pulled from the rubble.

A man was found among the debris, with only his head visible.
Journalist: Which part of your body is trapped?
Man: “My whole body is trapped.”
Journalist; “Can you breath now?”  ------!!?
Man: “Can you just please call people to help me out quickly?

A female journalist from Chongqing TV askied 2 little girls who were searching for their parents: "What do you think if your parents are already dead?”

Childrens bodies being removed from the ruins of shoddily constructed school buildings. (screenshot)

Shichuan Mianyang law court was under construction during the earthquake. it was at the epicenter of the quake, but was intact. (screenshot)

Shichuan Mianyang law court draft plan provided by Chinese blogger. (screenshot)