Chinese Websites Must Log Through Police Networking System First Print
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Yu Tang   

The Chinese communist regime has intensified its surveillance of the Chinese people. Yunnan Province is the first to implement a system according to Xinhua Kunmin on April 16, 2010, where all websites and network units in Yunnan province are required to log onto the “Yunnan Public Security Office Network Record Management System" ( between April and September 2010 in order to be registered. All Internet users are asked to identify the Public Security icon and only use the websites monitored by the cyberpolice.

The regime announced that it will provide training for the Yunnan police department to collect identities of internet users. If the websites were established outside of Kunmin, their information is required to be collected by their local police bureau.

According to communist party mouthpiece, Xinhua, the number of Internet users in Yunnan province has reached 8.44 million.

Yunnan cyberpolice logo on website. (screenshot)

The response of Chinese people

On 22nd of April, Mr. Wu Hao, the leader of the propaganda department of Yunnan gave a speech at People's University. During his speech, a young man walked out from the audience and said: "Wu hao, Wu Mao". (Wu Mao --means fifty cents.....) and threw a hand full of fifty cent notes towards Wu Hao.

"Wu Mao"s thrown to Wu Hao. (screenshot)

The action was quickly praised by many Chinese bloggers. Chengdu media found the man who threw the money, Mr. Wang Zhongxia. Mr. Wang says, he went to the bank before the meeting, and changed 30 yuan into notes of fifty cents. Chengdu media were not able to contact the speaker, Wu Hao.

People are picking up "Wu Mao" for Wu Hao. (screenshot)

* 'Wu Mao Dang': 50 Cent Party, also called 50 Cent Army, is the name for paid bloggers operating since 2005 in China, whose role is posting favorable comments regarding government policies, to skew public opinion on various Internet message boards. They are named after the 50 Chinese cents, Wu Mao or 5 mao, they are paid for each post.