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Shanghai Train Commuter

After the horrific high speed train crash in Wenzhou on 23rd July, and also the train crash in Shanghai on September 25, it is no wonder that this Shanghainese wears helmet, knee and elbow protection on the train. (screenshot).

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Yu Tang   

Recently, Chinese local media in Hunan, Changsha and Guangdong provinces have reported that people have found that the fish, pork, or poultry they bought from supermarkets, or produce markets is glowing light in their kitchen.

On 21st of March, Mr. Zeng from Baiyun districk in Guangzhou, said, he bought two fish from a produce market, took them home, cleaned them and then rubbed salt over the fish to marinate. Mr. Zeng left them io a plate and did not put them in the fridge.

That night, Mr. Zeng got up to go to the toilet and saw what he thought was a torch light in the kitchen, but when he checked he found the "torch light" was from the bodies of the fish.

Mr. Zeng told media that he was so glad that he found this problem before he ate them.

Fish meat looks no different to normal fish meat. (screenshot)

In mid Feburary, Mr. Ma from Changsha province also reported that he found the meat he had bought glowing in his kitchen, but his family had already used some of the meat for dumplings and had eaten them.

The pork in Mr Ma's home, left; the pork glowing light, right. (screenshot)

An expert from Hubei Province Tianmen technology department said that the luminescent carp: " had been fed a large amount of phosphorus compounds or had been in contaminated water,and are not fit for consumption".

Some environmental experts consider that in recent years, China's intensive livestock farming has flourished, but livestock wastes returned to the land is proportional. This caused a disproportion of organic content of surface water in the land. While the main content of daily use of detergents is sodium tripolyphosphate, and the washing and waste water emissions each year is about 500-600 thousand tons, most of this phosphorus waste water flows into the rivers and lakes. 79% of the phosphorus and 57 % of the nitrogen in Chinese waterways are from agricultural fertilizer and livestock excrement.

Chinese web bloggers comments:

1. No problem, long live communists! that's why we are still alive, because we have been fed poison since we were born! Very wise governing.

2. How many had they eaten so far? They should be happy as they are now immune to poisons.

3. Chinese are so special that if we die our body will have glowing lights as well. That is why we Chinese should feel superior to any other country!





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