Eight Month Cover Up Of Melamine Tainted Milk Print
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Wang Xi   

On the last day of  2009, Chinese media revealed that Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Ltd. was caught selling milk products tainted with high levels of melamine, the same plastic chemical that made millions of children fall sick in China in 2008. Many children have kidney stones and some suffered kidney failure.

image Tainted milk being destroyed last year. (screenshot)

Shanghai Panda was using tainted milk products that were ordered to be  destroyed last year, by labeling the poisoned powder as general usage powdered milk (not baby formula). Three senior executives of the Panda company were detained by local authorities and 8 containers of the tainted milk products were confiscated.

A journalist from the East-North website inside China, discovered that the authorities knew that Shanghai Panda was using tainted milk powder since April 2009, and had ordered people who knew the facts to keep quiet. An insider, Wang Dingmian revealed that the reason for the cover up was to 'safeguard the good image of the dairy industry'.

In mid November, Jingqiao Dairy Company in Shanxi province was also caught using melamine contaminated milk powder left over from last year's major health scandals.

Without revealing details of his background, Wang Dingmian said:“ It shows that after the melamine incident in 2008, there was no monitoring of the large number of tainted milk products left in the market. In June last year (2009), a sales person mentioned to me that he had purchased about 6~7 tons of very high melamine contaminated milk powder,and was preparing to use it for stock feed, I told him, be careful that you don't end up in prison.”

In fact, in the melamine crisis of 2008, one of the questions that the public raised is, how is the government conducting the confiscation of those tainted milk powders, and destroying them?


Cover up of the melamine crime for 8 months revealed by dbw net. (screenshot)


Only a few weeks ago, the Chinese regime executed two peasants for their roles in the poisoned milk scandal, however, Chinese people have been greatly angered as they believe the regime has used the peasants as scapegoast.

Chinese bloggers have posted many comments: Who firstly discovered this melamine technique? Who taught the peasants to use this technique? Do those peasants understand the molecular structure of the melamine and discovered that? How on earth do those peasants know that to use this plastic melamine in the milk? the Chinese science academy shall take the responsibility since they first found this 'revolutionary discovery' on this new formula of protein.

The former minister of the food quality control bureau in Beijing, Li Changjiang resigned on September 2008, after the poisoned milk scandal, however, it was recently announced that he had been appointed as the vice chairman of the anti –pornography; anti illegal activity department. Apparently, all has been forgiven.


Li Changjiang, former minister for food quality control bureau. (screenshot)

The Minister of the Taiwan Food and Medicine Quality Control Bureau, Mr. Kang Zhaozhou, said that his department will be checking to see if these contaminated products have entered Taiwan.