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Mysterious Photo By Xinhua News

The Chinese communist mouth piece, Xinhua News published that the Libyan Embassy in Beijing has the New Libya Flag of the interim government, but in the photo, the flag of the Gaddafi government still stands----Is it raised by Beijing's photoshop?

The communist regime is scared to publish any news of the Arab uprisings for fear of sparking similar protests against its brutality and suppression.


This youtube below maybe fit for communist leaders to view:

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April 2010: According to Chinese local media, the bird flu pandemic filled hospitals with patients, but many hospital administrators and doctors took leave, while hospitals called in students from medical schools to fill in.

Xiao Shuan from Zhejiang Province said: “Right now the bird flu is very serious in China.  Many doctors dare not show up to work.  I also waited for three days at the hospital but rarely saw the doctor in charge.  It was difficult to find anyone in their forties or fifties.  Only the unknown, young ones were there, which was very similar to the situation during SARS.  As soon as SARS broke out, those in charge did a disappearing act.  Notes on their doors claimed they were on business trips but in fact they were hiding in the countryside.”

Xiao Quan added that to deal with the influx of flu patients, hospitals called in many medical students who lacked experience or expertise.

The Zhejiang resident said: “Medical schools in China are connected with hospitals.  Many doctors and nurses are actually students.  They came to work for experience or to earn income without understanding the danger involved.  Many nurses or junior doctors lack the expertise to deal with some diseases.  With these junior doctors you will not recover even if hospitalized.”

As the bird flu continues to break out in mainland schools, school infections across the country are on the rise.  Xiao Quan confirmed that most patients were students. 

The Zhejiang resident said: “The City Centre Hospital was very busy, packed with patients, especially kids and students with flu. The hospital fees are very high, similar to charges at luxurious hotels.  There are six floors but no one is allowed above the fourth.  The forbidden places are classed as state secrets.  Even in normal times you would be told off if you were to take pictures.  It has become a routine to say that photos are forbidden at state entities, or you can not know what the Party does not want to tell you.  The more truth you know, the more danger you are in.”



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