Beijing Hospitals Overflowing with Flu Patients Print
Real China

Although Beijing had maintained tight control on media reports of H1N1 flu cases, hospitals in many cities of China have been flooded with patients with flu symptoms. Many hospitals have taken numbers of patients much larger than their capacity. Beijing Children’s Hospital took 9000 patients in one day, and most patients ages range from three to thirteen years old.

One Beijing citizen told our reporter on October 27 that at many big hospitals, patients are lined up outside. There are so many cases some patients are receiving IV therapy outside. There are also a number of patients undergoing IV therapy after receiving a vaccine due to a reaction to the vaccine.

One parent of an elementary school student from Xuan Wu district said his child has had a fever for six days, but the doctor was unwilling to diagnose it as H1N1 flu to avoid reporting it to the government. In Xuan Wu alone, one twelve-floor hotel was designated for flu patients as a means to quarantine them. Citizens have been told not to go out on the streets and to avoid eating meat.

Another parent of an elementary school student from Dong Chen district said that among 16 people in his child’s class, three are ill. The Beijing Health Bureau informed the media that Beijing is now experiencing a seasonal H1N1 flu epidemic. Expert analysis predicts that the number of cases of the H1N1 flu is on an upward trend. On October 26 Beijing reported that the number of H1N1 cases had already reached over 5800.