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Only 1 out of 10 hand-foot-and-mouth disease deaths in Minquan County are actually reported

According to a Hong Kong TV, a team from the “Social Visibility” program hosted by Zeng Zimo went to Minquan County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province to thoroughly investigate the deaths of hand-foot-and-mouth disease victims. Their discovery: only 1 death was reported, when the actual number was 10.

Several issues raise immediate concern:

1. Health care resources in rural areas are minimal; the system is extremely short of urgently needed medical supplies, and the doctors' training and medical equipment are grossly insufficient, often very poor, making it impossible to correctly diagnose this disease in a speedy and correct manner. A correct diagnosis of the symptoms depends on confirmation form a county hospital, thus wasting a precious window of opportunity to promptly treat the illness and rescue the patient.

2. The county hospital officials contributed to the problem. Their money issues take precedent over human interests - the officials want their money first before diagnosing and treating a patient - demanding a pre-payment of 800 RMB.

Parents took their sick child to the Minquan County hospital and did not take enough cash. No matter how the parents pleaded, hospital officials refused treatment and stalled until the next morning. The child's condition deteriorated and became grave overnight, and all emergency measures the following day proved fruitless. The child died.

In another case, a parent also took his child to the Minquan County hospital. Officials declared inability to help and urged the parent to have a nurse transport the child to the hospital in Keifeng by ambulance. The nurse demanded 600 Yuan for fare, with 100 Yuan going to the doctor. The parent did not have enough cash and vowed to pay any remaining costs later, but the nurse and the doctor refused. What should have been a 90-minute ride to Kaifeng took three hours in a privately contracted ambulance. According to an investigation, Minquan Hospital officials had violated national regulations pertaining to proper patient transport.

3. Representatives from the Minquan County Hospital Disease Control Administration Office said openly, "The disease is a secret and cannot be declared to outsiders."

It turned out that Minquan County government officials issued a declaration, that no cases of this illness can be reported, and gagged any information, saying this was necessary "to ensure no deaths happened in the county."

4. Punishment: officials from the so-called “National Ministry of Health” said the handling of this fatal Minquan County Hospital occurrence is that a number of officials will make a thorough inspection, ‘are issued an administrative warning,’ ‘are warned within the Party,’ ‘’placed on probation,’ ‘might be removed’ and so on. The most serious punishment: the ambulance driver was fired.

These people violated the laws openly and let so many innocent children die, and not one of them was punished by law.