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Children going to school everyday in Jinan, China.


This street is in the middle of the city. (screenshots below) Children who aren't overweight have an advantage whilst passing there.


Still there are worse roads than this in China:

Deadly Fabrication Of famous Mao Tai PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Wang Xi   

Mao Tai liquer has been famous in China for many years, but Chinese people have concerns that fake Maotai may have been on the market for over 20 years.

On 4th Jan 2009, in response to a local residents’ report, the Trade and Industry Branch of the Central Plains (Commercial & Industrial Bureau of the Middle Region in Henan Province of China) searched two units and uncovered a cellar being used to make counterfeit Mao Tai.

Since the case involved a large amount of money, the Bureau had to inform the Police Department. There on site, they found a large amount of DDVP, or dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate, an extremely poisonous pesticide. It is believed that this was to be used to produce the strong smell of Mao Tai.

According to local media reports, on the day of the raid, the strong aroma of alcohol coming from the first level of the eastern side of an old apartment at the corner of Huaihe River Road and West Bay Road, could be smelt miles away. Inside the units, the Trade and Industry Branch personnel were carefully examining a large quantity of "Mao Tai". The place was full of boxes with the words "Mao Tai Liquor" written on them. Inside, the boxes were loaded with the finished "wine products". In the corner of the room were placed two big plastic vats, filled with the newly mixed wine.  At the edge of a barrel there was a dark bottle. The half full bottle of liquid was identified and confirmed to be dichlorvos, a highly toxic pesticide." This is specially used to add taste to the mixed alcohol.

Over the past few years, many people died as a result of drinking fake wine. It’s awful."  In another corner of the room, the personnel also found another unopened full bottle of the pesticide, dichlorvos.

Mr Wan Che, the Commissioner of the Site Supervision Division of Trade and Industry Branch of the Central Plains announced that on that day at around 5:30 p.m., they received a tip-off from the public because the smell of wine literally keeps flew out from the windows of the units in question; and boxes of items were taken away regularly. Every time the occupant of the unit entered or left, the door was closed immediately. It seemed that he was afraid that someone would get into the house.

"As soon as our car arrived, the suspect rushed up to the second floor, jumped down from the balcony and ran away. A preliminary investigation indicated that this was a manufacturing workshop of counterfeit Mao Tai..."   Mr Wan told the local media, "Through an on-site search we uncovered more than 200 bottles of liquor, some wine-manufacturing tools and a large number of raw materials.  Based on the market sale value of 700 yuan per bottle, the value of the haul was worth 1.4 million yuan."

Since the counterfeiters are believed to be operating an illegal business involving large sums of money, the law enforcement officers from Industry and Commerce immediately notified the Central Plains Public Security Bureau Investigators. What they found left on the scene was the marriage certificate of the suspected counterfeiters.  It indicated that the suspect’s surname was Lu.  The Criminal Investigation Team has been tracking down the suspect Lu, using the marriage certificate.

The landlord of the units is also under police investigation.



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