Fake Eggs In China for 10 Years Print
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China Uncensored Staff   

Fake eggs have been sold in the markets of Xiamen. According to Chinese local media reports, the 'business' was "running strong" more then 10 years ago.

People who bought the eggs found that they could not separate the yolk from the white; even stranger, once cooked the egg yolk bounced like a ball. What appeared a genuine boiled egg acted like a rubber ball, the higher it was thrown the higher it bounced.

Instead of smelling like a fresh egg, they also had a plastic smell. The Xiamen citizens very much doubted if these eggs were laid by hens, so they reported it to the relevant offices for inspection.

Even the inspectors were stunned by these odd characteristics.

When the inspectors arrived on the scene, they poured an egg into a bowl. Looking carefully the inspectors found it quite incredible: there is a circle of egg white surrounding the yolk; the white can be lifted, even the yolk can be directly picked up from the bowl and not disperse. It is obviously quite flexible and with a queer taste.

Based on preliminary testing, the eggs were found to contain egg pigment, gels and other chemical substances. It was found that long term consumption of these chemicals is harmful to health. The appearance of these eggs is quite realistic making it very difficult to identify them.

However to avoid prosecution the hawkers who sold the eggs protested their innocence.

They claimed the eggs were actually bought wholesale from the suppliers.

How is the public going to distinguish the genuine from the fake?