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China's Invention: Child Sandwich?

It appears to be a lot of fun for the teacher who sits on top of layers of children: her students. (screenshot)

A parent was shocked to find this photo among other photos of children's activities in school on the QQ blog of the school parenting site.

One blogger commented: Dear Teacher, you look very happy, what about these kids?! What about their feelings?!

Growing up with communist idealogy, modern Chinese have not heard of common sense and human dignity if their parents do not teach them privately.

Twin Brothers Marry Twin Sisters PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

On 28th March, twin brothers, Zheng Shouwei and Zheng Shouhua, married twin sisters, Fu Jing and Fu Jie from a nearby village of Jiaozhou county, Shandong province.

The grooms are almost exactly same height, same voice and features, and villagers always find it hard to distinguish them. the situation is just the same for the twin sisters.

To avoid the guests getting confused the groom announced their difference before the events:

From left: Zheng Shouhua, Fu jie, Fu Jin, Zheng Shouwei. (screenshot)

Zheng Shouwei wears the light purple shirt with blue striped tie; while his brother, Zheng Shouhua wears blue shirt with purple striped tie. The brides had also revealed their different marks to their grooms secretly: there is difference with their necklaces and hairdos!

The bridesmaid told local media that the two pairs of twins were classmates in high school.  They did not think about dating during that time. The boys uncle's family lives in the same village of the girls. During New Years' celebration last year, the boys went to visit their uncle's family and met the girls at their uncles' home. So the matchmakers were invited.... 3 days later the parents of both families had happily set a wedding date!

The villagers joining the celebration. (screenshot)







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