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A Long Wait for Harmony

Harmony Primary school is situated in picturesque Hangzhou, but with 740 students and teachers, only 1 male toilet of 6 seats and 1 female toilet of 8 seats, crowds are guaranteed at every class changeover period of 10 minutes. So students try to not drink water to avoid going to the toilet, some wet themselves because it is too crowded to get to the toilet in time.

Above photo: A teacher keeps order for students waiting outside of toilets. (screenshot)

Below: Hangzhou government house.

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Real China
Yu Tang   

An 85 year old man, Cheng Baoping was found dead on 1st of April in a village of Taihe county, Anhui province. The villagers realized that he had died of hunger and condemned the village leader for not offering help.

According to local media in Anhui Province, the old man had lived with his son and survivd for 40 years by planting crops.

2 years ago, their small house was burnt down, they had no money to build new house, so the old man had to live in the ruins of their house with a plastic sheet for a roof. The son had to live with another villager. Cheng's son had looked after his father's meals everyday, until the son, Cheng Haoshan was discovered dead in January this year in his room. He was 60 years old.

Mr. Cheng Baoping, which relied on his son to look after him, was not able to bury his son. His savings of 900 yuan was taken by the village leader for the cremation of Cheng Haoshan. The son's ashes were returned but were just thrown on the ground of the shed.

Since then, there had been no arrangement by the village leader to look after the 85 year old Cheng Baoping.

Cheng sometimes was offered food from other poor villagers but with no fixed arrangment.

After the discover of Cheng's death, the communist leader of the village just said: "why doesn't he have a son?"

The so called 'social wellfare' system in China, only seems to be carried out as long as such incidents do not affect the stability of the communist government.





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