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Still Working to Survive at Age 101 in Communist China

Madam Tan Xiaozheng (pictured above) lived in Guizhou for more than 50 years but never got her residents permit, so she is not entitled to receive a pension or any support form the government. She has had to support herself all her life and is still doing so at age 101. (screenshot).

The regime has always promised to look after the elderly.

In 1985, Newspapers and local cadres were told to promote this:

On red banner: Family planning (one child policy) is good, Government will look after the elderly. (screenshot)

In the 90's, On red banners: Family planning (One child policy) is good, Government is helping the elderly. (screenshot)

In 2000, on red banner: The elderly cannot completely rely on government to look after them. (screenshot)


In 2012, On Red banners: Delaying retirement is good, support yourself in your old age. (screenshot)

In 2013, Words in gold: Living off your mortgage, enjoy your future life.

The above are newspaper articles (propaganda) from 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2012 with the same slogan as the above banners.

The communist regime had tried to allay fears that the one child policy would lead to very few family members to look after the elderly, by promising that the government would do so.

Now many elderly people have no family to look after them and have been abandoned by the communist regime.

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Most Censored

The bar code of Dynaweb (Dongtaiwang) appeared on a bus stop post of Shanghai.

An internet user said on Twitter that he found the bar code of the dynamic network (via which people in the mainland can break down the firewall of China and get news from the free world) on a bus stop post in Shanghai. Many followers were very glad to hear this news, they praised the Dynaweb network as a good tool to help Chinese people break the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) blockage of information. They also subtly commented that “Falun Gong is stronger than the firewall of the dictators”, as it is well known by Chinese blog users that these tools to break the Firewall were produced by Falun Gong practitioners.

The Great Firewall was installed in 2001 with the help of Cisco as part of “the Golden Shield Project”, controlled by the Public Security Bureau on the orders of former CCP regime leader Jiang Zemin. His son Jiang Mianheng oversaw the project.

Media including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, reported that since 2001, the Chinese communist regime had poured more than US$1 billion on the Golden Shield Project, which started a protracted information war with the anti-blockade forces such as Dyna Network represented by Free-Gate and Ultra Reach Internet supported by Falun Gong practitioners.

The members of the Global Internet Freedom Consortium made use of their personal, limited financial resources to develop this software. The Broadcasting Board of Governors, a US governmental agency later helped to fund the project.

According to the BBC in 2006, the anti-blockage technology of the Global Internet Freedom Consortium came to have the upper hand, it estimated that the CCP would need to spend hundreds of dollars for every one dollar that the Consortium spent in the information war.

The Global Internet Freedom Consortium was founded in 2001, and the Dyna Network was founded in March 2002. The key members are Falun Gong practitioners with the initial intention of breaking through the CCP blockage of truthful information about Falun Dafa (Falun Gong). The main products include Free-Gate, and Ultra Surf which have been used by people around the world to circumvent censorship by authoritarian regimes such as China, North Korea and Iran.

The US senate said in 2011 that the Free-Gate software and the open networks were the most effective anti-blockage software available at that time, and it has been continually updated to keep ahead of the persecution.

According to the Dyna Network, as of September 2013 more than 690 million visitors had visited their website.

Characters on  top of Bar code say jump over the wall to see the world.  (screenshot)

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