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When An Elderly Man Falls In China

On 26th Nov. 2013, an elderly man fell while crossing the street in Jinghua, China.

A few passersby stopped their bikes and formed a circle to prevent other riders hitting the man. The man tried to stand up by himself, but failed. People stood around looking at each other, but no one dared to help the old man stand up. They called police and ambulance, and after examination. it was found that the elderly man had no serious injuries.

Some Chinese are loath to give assistance because of incidents like the one below:

Earlier this month, two high school students helped an elderly man up from his fallen bicycle, but the man accused the two students of knocking him down and demanded they pay for his medical expenses. The parents of the students paid 1200 yuan ($200). These two students then posted an online request for witnesses. A shop owner and some customers who saw the fall went to the police to give evidence. The old man had to return the money to the two students.

Secret Behind the Explosion of the Aircraft Kashmir Princess PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

On April 11, 1955, on the eve of the Buandung Indonesia, Conference, the explosion in flight of the Air India Constellation aircraft Kashmir Princess shocked the whole world.

Subsequently it was discovered that the then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was aware in advance of an  assassination attempt  against him, but in order to protect himself and confuse his opponents, he had changed his route and allowed others to be the victims while he survived.

Recently, a photo appeared on the web taken on April 16th, 1955, of Zhou Enlai arriving at Kallang Airport, Singapore, in which the look in his eyes reveals the secret he was harbouring.

From this photo, we can see that, while all those with him are simply walking,  Mr. Zhou was looking up towards the sky, with a very strange expression.

Five days before, the aircraft Kashmir Princess he had planned to take, had exploded in mid-air, with all the 11 passengers aboard being killed, while he of course lived.

According to reports, the first Asian – African conference was going to be held in Bandung,  Indonesia,  from April 18th to 24th, 1955. As leader of the Chinese delegation, Mr. Zhou Enlai was going to take  the Air India Constellation aircraft  Kashmir Princess  to Bandung via Hong Kong .

On April  3rd. the Chinese Communist Party  got a secret report that Kuo Ming Tang  secret agents had obtained information of the Chinese delegates’  flight plan and were going to take action. Further information the CCP got, on April,  9th, was that  the airliner the delegation  was going  to take would be destroyed  by the Kuo Ming Tang, by planting a bomb on the plane.  Mr. Zhou Enlai immediately tried to negotiate  with the British government via diplomatic channels.

On the morning of 10th April, the Foreign Ministry of the Chinese Communist Party held an urgent meeting with the British Embasssy official, Mr. Ai Tien, and told him the news. The Hong Kong branch of the Xinhua News Agency gave a formal notice to the British Hong Kong Authorities, and also met twice with the manager of the Hong Kong
branch of Air India. The manager made the promise that he would see the aircraft was guarded and no one would be allowed near it.

So eight days before the destruction of the Kashmir Princess, the Chinese Communist Party had learnt that the aircraft would be blown up.

On the April  11th, the Kashmir  Princess arrived at Beijing on time, and took off with the Chinese delegation and three foreign journalists for Buandung Nobody knew that Mr. Zhou Enlai was not on board the plane. The plane arrived at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport on 12: 15 pm, then after a short break left for Bandung, Indonesia.

At 6:30 pm there were explosions in its engines and the Captain attempted a forced landing, and issued three distress signals over the radio. When Jakarta airport learnt that Mr. Zhou Enlai wasn’t on the plane, they cut off the signal, then with a gigantic explosion the airplane crashed into the sea, and though three crew members miraculously survived, all the other 11 passengers on board were killed.

Though the target had been Zhou Enlai he had changed his route and instead taken Kuming via Yangon to Jakarta.

He took the Ilyushin Il-14 aircraft from Beijing to Kunming with Mr. Chen Yi on April 7th, then, his 26- member delegation took another plane, Skymaster,of Air India to Yangon from Kunming on April 14th  and at 10: 30pm local time, Skymaster landed at Yangon.

On the morning of April 16th Zhou Enlai and his delegation left from Yangon for Jakarta. It took them eight hours to get into Singapore airspace, where they were caught in a thunderstorm. As the plane could not fly through the thunderstorm it was landed at Kalang airport, Singapore. Later on April 16th. Zhou En Lai arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

After the explosion the Hong Kong police carried out an investigation, but with no result. It was only with information provided by CCP that they solved the case.

According to the CCP, the incident was arranged by the Hong Kong  intelligence station of KMT, under the direction of Mr. Zhao Bin, and commanded by Mr. Jin Jianfu, the plot was carried out by a member of the ground staff at Hong Kong Airport, Mr Zhou Jun, and the bomb was secretly shipped to Hong Kong from Keelung, Taiwan.

The investigators were very surprised to learn that Zhou Enlai knew in advance of the plot. They wondered why he did not thwart it and keep the other delegation  members off the scheduled flight. The conclusion they drew was that, in order to confuse his opponents, and avoid the Taiwan Hong Kong intelligence station changing its plan, and to ensure his own safety, he allowed all the other 11 delegates, including his own driver, to die. According to Zhou Enlai, later, it was to divert his opponents’ attention and “make a minor sacrifice to safeguard a major interest. “

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