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Mrs Liu Guifu, started practising Falun Gong in 1994. Like many other Falun Gong practitioners, all her illnesses (due to hard working and stress) disappeared one after another and her life was filled with joy. However her life took a dramatic turnaround after the Chinese Communist regime began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999. Guifu's life had changed from heaven-on-earth to an unbearable hell under the relentless pressure of the persecution.

Guifu was illegally arrested and detained 8 times, including 5 instances of long turn detention; she was imprisoned for a total of 4 years, during which time she was made to suffer unbearable torture.

Below are a few detailed accounts of several persecution incidents under the slogan "Re-Education through labor" in China's Gulags.


1. Poisoning Attempt at the Haidian District Detention Centre

In February 2001, Guifu was send to the Haidian District Detention Center for refusing to relinquish her belief of Falun Gong.  Guard Zhan Haiwei beat her with a baton, severely injuring her and rupturing one of her eardrums. As a result of this abuse, she suffered from abdominal swelling and incontinence.

On one occasion, Dr Liu - on "duty" at the detention center - noticed that she was losing consciousness on the toilet and ordered the cell head to give her 20 unknown pills when she came through. The cell head thought the pills were some kind of vitamin, so she took 10 of them herself. However, she soon felt dizzy, her tongue and neck became stiff, and she had great difficulty breathing. When she asked for help, another doctor named Wang told the guards to throw the other 10 pills away before they could be given to Guifu. The cell head recovered after taking a new medicine that doctor Wang gave her.

Guifu realised that somebody at a Higher Realm was looking after her and protecting her, and it strengthened her faith in Falun Dafa (the teachings of Falun Gong).

Shortly after this incident, she was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor and sent to the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp.


2. Sleep Deprivation and Drugging in Beijing's Forced Labor Camp

As soon as she arrived at the Camp, the guards ordered her to curse the founder of Falun Gong and to give up her practice. Guifu responded by telling the truth and the preciousness of Falun Gong at every possible opportunity. Guard Xu Yanling, infuriated, forced her to squat in a military position for long periods until she developed diarrhea. Afterward, she ordered her to stand for 18 days in a row without any sleep. Her legs and feet became extremely swollen, and she couldn't bend her knees. The skin on her feet split open and oozed. Even a trip to the restroom became extremely difficult.

She was deprived of sleep by 18 inmates, who took turns to supervise her by order from the labor camp guards. Prisoners get reduced sentences if they can "re-educate" a Falun Gong practitioner. As soon as she closed her eyes, they beat her with batons, leaving numerous bumps on her head and broken skin on her legs. Her back was injured so badly that she couldn't walk. She had to crawl to the restroom to relieve her-self.

As if that wasn't enough, they stirred unknown substances into her food and ordered others not to eat or taste it. After each meal she became dizzy and fatigued, felt nauseous and began to have hallucinations. The guards and inmates then claimed she had mental problems.

Mustering the willpower to continue under such grueling circumstances must have been an unbelievable test to her endurance.  During her weakest moments they tried to lure her to jump off a building. Inmate Gong opened a window and said, "What's the point of continuing to live? Why don't you jump?" Guifu replied sternly, "I will never kill myself, because I am a Falun Gong practitioner!" In response, they hit her head with batons and verbally abused her.  Guifu must have had a will of steel to continue; no matter how painful it was she was adamant that she would never yield to their unrighteous demands.

If she had followed their suggestion the guards would have filmed her while falling, including her bloodied body on the ground and the CCP's propaganda department would have used these graphic pictures to slander Falun Gong in the media as a group of deranged people who jump out of windows and do all sorts of irrational things to kill themselves.

Compared to the effects of other forms of torture, morbid fatigue was the most difficult thing to endure during the 18 days of sleep deprivation. "Every minute felt like 10 years, like it was never going to end" recalled Guifu. Towards the end, she often suddenly lost consciousness and fell, hitting her head on the bed frame, which resulted in injuries and bleeding. Then the inmates would pour cold water on her to wake her up. Each time she regained consciousness, she was always lying in a pool of water.

After 18 days, the guards allowed her to sleep for only two hours each night. They continued to beat her at will. In the end, they had to release her upon the expiration of her term.

Even after she returned home she still suffered the consequences of the torture. She couldn't fall asleep at night, and often suddenly lost consciousness during the day, even while she was walking, riding a bike, or cooking. On top of that she also learned that the local police had cancelled her residential identification, intending to make her disappear. She had to re-apply by presenting the release certificate from the labor camp.


Liu Guifu, before and after 2 and half years of torture and drug abuse.


3. Sent to the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp for a Second Time

The local police, showing no warrants, broke into her home and arrested her on February 2005. This was her fifth unlawful arrest. She was again sent to the Beijing Women's Labor Camp, where she was incarcerated for two and a half years, during which time she was kept in solitary confinement and tortured. The guards and inmates also forced her to take all kinds of drugs that damage the central nervous system.

As soon as she arrived at the labor camp, the guards deprived her of sleep for 17 days in a row. They then placed her in the section created to torture Falun Gong practitioners who refuse to give up their belief and kept her there in solitary confinement. Afterwards, the guards forced her to sit on a hard bench for 21 hours every day, from 4 am to 1 am the following day, with her toes barely touching the ground. At the same time, they gagged her with a cloth soaked in human waste or with soiled napkins.

She was forced to keep her legs together without leaving any room in between, keep her hands on her lap and her back straightened. They ordered her to fix her eyes on one spot. As soon as the monitoring inmates spotted her moving her eyes, they struck her hands with a ruler. The moment she closed her eyes, they poured cold water on her. They also used the ruler to poke her spine and they hit her knees with a small stool.

Her buttocks started to rot, and her flesh, blood, and other secretions stuck to her pants. In the end, sitting on the bench felt like sitting on broken glass. Her legs became swollen, and her back was severely injured.

Even though the guards let her off the bench for the remaining three hours of the day, they forced her to rest in another uncomfortable position. During this short period of "rest," the monitoring inmates also used various means to keep her from falling asleep.

As the barbarism of the torture was getting worse the guards only gave her two minutes to clean herself every day. She had to quickly take off her soiled pants that were stuck to her bottom. This often resulted in profuse bleeding and excruciating pain. Even before she was able to finish, the guards turned the water off. They refused to let her change her soiled underwear.

She had to get permission from the monitoring inmates before she could do anything, even to clear her throat, spit out phlegm, or scratch her body. Since they wouldn't allow her to shampoo her hair for several months straight, she had head lice all over. Even so, she wasn't allowed to do anything to stop the itch.

The guards, keen on getting their sentences reduced kept on coming up with more and more terrible demonic ways of torture, which was of course extremely dangerous as Guifu must by now have been totally exhausted and close to death. They kept doors and windows shut tight during the hot summer. They also forced her to keep her winter coat on. During winter, they turned on the fans to blow cold air on her.

The guards also deliberately kept her hungry. Sometimes they tossed dumpling wrappers on the restroom floor and ordered her to pick them up and eat them. When soup was served, they intentionally spilled it so there was almost nothing left. Other times they gave her extremely greasy food to eat causing diarrhea, and then forbade her from using the toilet. Sometimes they didn't give her any water. She lost a lot of weight as a result and became extremely thin.

Guard Song Lili also tried to persuade her husband, Liu Baoguo, to get a divorce. Her husband firmly refused, so Song no longer let him visit her.

The guards started to realize that they were failing in their "re-education". If they stepped up the torture much further they knew from previous experience they would kill her, which would mean missing out on their sentence reduction. So they asked help from the medical doctors "on duty".  There must be some drugs that made her lose her will and understanding of things, so that she would sign anything asked of her. A series of experimentation with mind altering drugs and further psychological torture followed then.

She was placed in a small cell with the windows closed and covered up. A group of inmates took turns torturing her. After she refused to take an unknown brown pill, guard Song Lili ordered more than 10 inmates to hold her down so that  she couldn't move. Drug offender Niu Yuhong then pinched her nose and cheeks and forced two pills into her mouth. She soon felt dizzy and nauseous. She vomited and her stool was black-green and watery. They didn't allow her to use the toilet and forced her to relieve herself in her pants, then forbade her from changing her soiled clothes.

After drugging her with brown pills for more than 20 days, they switched to a white pill. Not long after, Song Lili ordered that she be given two red-and-white capsules at night instead. As soon as the new drug got into her, red acidic fluid spurted out of her mouth and nose, staining her pants. When she said she'd keep her pants as evidence, Song Lili forced her to take them off and snatched them away.

She gradually lost hearing in both ears as a result of being drugged with these unknown substances. Her mind became blank, she was slow to respond, and had hallucinations. She often suddenly lost consciousness while using the toilet or washing herself.

Every time she behaved abnormally, they would give her more drugs, which then led her to have even more symptoms, giving them the excuse to drug her further. When she refused to sign their paperwork to renounce Falun Gong, they also increased the dose of the pills.

The guards then claimed that she had gone insane and used that as an excuse to continue to keep her in isolation. During the last four months of her solitary confinement she couldn't fall asleep, even after the guards injected her with unknown substances and had her take four sleeping pills every night. Over the last month of solitary confinement, she lost her ability to eat and vomited whatever she ingested. Despite her condition, the guards kept forcing her to take medications. Each time she vomited, they checked what she had thrown up.

After fellow practitioners exposed the persecution her story became the subject in overseas media and she was transferred to a secret section of the labor camp, where the torture continued.

One had to pass through the guards' surveillance room to access her new confinement cell, which had a metal door and no windows. Two surveillance cameras were hung on the ceiling. The walls were padded with fabric-covered foam material, soundproofing the whole room. There was no air circulation, and the room remained dark and damp. A single bed and a toilet next to it took up almost all the space. She had no idea whether it was day or night. The cell felt like a freezer in winter and a sauna in summer.

Monitoring inmates continued to prevent her from sleeping at times and forced her into a difficult to maintain posture for long periods. They also continued to beat and curse her.  The idea was to induce insanity under those terrible conditions. Over the last five months of her detention, they left her alone in the cell without seeing a soul. During the day the guards played very loud music to induce headaches.

She was extremely tired, but couldn't fall asleep; the struggle to stay alive became intense. During the last month of her confinement, the labor camp doctors drew her blood six times in one month. The guards also took her to the prison hospital numerous times to have all kinds of tests done. These blood samples and tests were of course not for her well-being but to classify her blood type and test her suitability for the profitable organ harvesting scheme.

After the repeated blood draws and examinations, Guifu couldn't eat at all. When she did eat, she vomited everything.  This lasted until her release. Guifu must have felt extremely weak, not only from the loss of blood, but from not being able to nourish her already extremely exhausted body. The will to live had now all but left her; if she could only die. But then again there was a glimmer of hope. Visitors came she had never seen before...


4. Labor Camp Officials Covered Up Their Crimes to Deceive Visitors

After her ordeals were publicized overseas, officials tried numerous means to cover up their crimes.

Every time investigators, family members, or overseas journalists came to visit, the guards allowed her to take a shower, change her clothes, and sleep a little bit more. Normally they didn't give her much to eat, but on visitation days, they had abundant food for her. Then they photographed and videotaped her to show the outsiders, but their torture routines resumed once the visitors left.

One day they suddenly lifted their restriction on how she should sit and ordered her to read a book while sitting in a chair. They also brought in a table, on which they placed rice and scrambled eggs. She once mustered all her strength and screamed out as loud as she could to expose their persecution and her voice was sent out via the surveillance monitor. They dragged her out of the room right away.

The labor camp also found people from other sections of the prison that resembled her, and these people were ordered to stay with her in order to learn how to imitate how she talked and walked, so that they could be interviewed by outsiders visiting the prison. They also tried to extract personal information about herself and her family. Some of these "doubles" got term reductions after they pretended to be her.

One morning the guards suddenly took her to Tianhetang Hospital for a check-up. They removed her handcuffs and helped her to walk. When they brought her back to the labor camp, no other inmates were around in her confinement section, and guards were changing the signs on the walls. Later she learned that visitors from an international community had come to investigate her case, so labor camp officials were trying to destroy all evidence of their crimes. Once the visitors left, however, the torture resumed.


Liu Guifu's daughter holding Mom's photo.

Liu Guifu's daughter managed to study in the US, and during that time, she tried her best to inform the public and the media to rescue her mother.


5. Escaping Death


After two and a half years of solitary confinement, she was finally released on August 31, 2007. She couldn't even walk at that point in time. Her hair had turned grey and her face was covered with wrinkles and freckles. Even the local police and her neighbors, that had known her for a long time, couldn't recognize her.

As soon as she stepped out of the labor camp gate, the local police officer Wang Haipeng took away her release certificate so that they could arrest her again at will.

She was sent home shortly after noon. Her husband wept when he saw that she couldn't eat. The police came to arrest her again at 2 pm that same afternoon. They wanted to take her to a brainwashing center, but her husband was able to persuade them to let her go to the hospital for medical treatment.

After she checked out of the hospital, the police kept harassing her. When a group of policemen came to arrest her again, she managed to escape. In late 2007, with the help of other people, she managed to escape from China to America.

While the Chinese Communist regime spent two third of their annual budget on persecuting Falun Gong in the years when Jiang Zemin held power, the scale of the persecution and the alarming state of its evilness, created fear far and wide.

The subject of Falun Gong has become the most taboo topic for many media outlets and politicians to discuss on the international stage. This persecution is clearly not just a persecution of Falun Gong, it tests the morality of humanity globally.  Guifu, her husband and daughter have shown their heroic strength and righteous response, but they are still waiting for the help of the world to end the nightmare of the dark rule of the communist cult.


The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, also investigated the case of Liu Guifu, and announced the culprits who had been involved in her persecution:


Director Ms Zhu Xiaoli of the Beijing Woman's Re-Education Labor Camp;

Deputy Director Ms Chen Li;

Fourth team captain Du Jingbin;

Deputy Captain, Ms Tang Jingjing (number 1159270);

Monitor section chief Guo Zhaokai;

2 of the camp specific heads, surnames are Fan and Xu;

Beijing Changping District Huoyin station police Zhang Peng;

Changping detention center, Pre-trial section police An Jingsheng; Pre-trial judge Gao Shengli and Yang Yang Xuetao;

Detention center Advisory Zhang Zhongyuan;

Changping District, Longyue fourth neighborhood committee, whose surname is Tian;

Changping District Longwan police station;

Changping detention center, law section.

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