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Still Working to Survive at Age 101 in Communist China

Madam Tan Xiaozheng (pictured above) lived in Guizhou for more than 50 years but never got her residents permit, so she is not entitled to receive a pension or any support form the government. She has had to support herself all her life and is still doing so at age 101. (screenshot).

The regime has always promised to look after the elderly.

In 1985, Newspapers and local cadres were told to promote this:

On red banner: Family planning (one child policy) is good, Government will look after the elderly. (screenshot)

In the 90's, On red banners: Family planning (One child policy) is good, Government is helping the elderly. (screenshot)

In 2000, on red banner: The elderly cannot completely rely on government to look after them. (screenshot)


In 2012, On Red banners: Delaying retirement is good, support yourself in your old age. (screenshot)

In 2013, Words in gold: Living off your mortgage, enjoy your future life.

The above are newspaper articles (propaganda) from 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2012 with the same slogan as the above banners.

The communist regime had tried to allay fears that the one child policy would lead to very few family members to look after the elderly, by promising that the government would do so.

Now many elderly people have no family to look after them and have been abandoned by the communist regime.

An Insult In China: You’re A Party Member! PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

A recent Chinese blog has been pushed to the forefront on many websites.

The story is: A female university graduate, went to a company for interview, after reading through her resume, the manager looked up to the girl asked her: “Are you a communist party member?” The girl suddenly tensed up and replied fervently: “There are also good people among (communist) party members!”  

Some bloggers comments:

•After reading her resume, knowing the answer, the manager certainly raised this question in a ‘meaningful’ way, and it is clear that the female students also recognized the implication of the question…but the truth is behind her answer.

•The answer should be: “There are also human beings among party members!”

•“If a person is a good human being, what is his/her original purpose in joining the communist party?”

After half of the posts were removed by the blog host, because of Chinese regime censorship, one blogger wrote: “Whoever removes my post again; your whole family will become communist party members!”

Another blogger said that a female relative of his/her, was reminded by the leader of her company, ‘If you still do not pay the party fee, we will deduct the fee from your wage next month.’ The lady answered: “If you dare to do it, I will quit the party!” The lady said that her leader never mentioned the ‘party fee to her any more.

An altercation on a bus among crowded commuters:

Ist commuter: "you look just like a communist party member!"

2nd commuter: "XXXX! You are the communist party member! Your whole family are communist party members!"

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