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Strange Sign, Surprising Result

Xiamen University students recently made a survey at a cross road near the university campus, a section where a pedestrian walking bridge was built over a busy intersection.

The test was to see how people reacted towards different types of notice board. They designed 3 notice boards with different content,  displaying them in turn for few days, and in between there would be some days with no notice board at all.


The results below show how many people still crossed the road, not choosing to use the walking bridge despite the signs:


No notice board 69.78%
"Please use walking bridge" 70.02%
"It only takes 9.4 seconds more to use the walking bridge" 60.97%
"You ugly if you cross the road" 41.12%


Psychology in Ancient China PDF Print E-mail
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Ancient Chinese medicine doctors never treated psychology as a separate subject, but would use psychology to assist in their treatments.

In ancient times, there were many famous doctors whose third eyes were open, who could see what happened in the patient’s body, or who could know clearly the movements of the patient’s internal organs and their health state by touching the patient’s pulse.

They could also clearly explain the five elements theory, and could combine the theory of the five elements with pulse touching and what they saw from their third eye, so the effect of their treatment was very good.  The ancient Chinese doctors used to say that the heart is controlled by God.

Many cultivators know that matter and mind are one and the same. Mind is matter and matter also has mind. so mind matters to one's health.

Ancient Chinese medicine doctors knew that a kind, open minded and optimistic person would have a healthy body, even though one might be sick from time to time; whilst a person who always has bad thoughts would be very likely to be stuck by sickness. And they would use this theory as complementary to their treatment.

When beginning treatment, they would touch the patient’s pulse, observe the patents’ appearance, ask about the symptoms and combine all these with what they saw via their third eyes. They would  point out the imbalance in the patient’s mind, and advise the patient on ways to rectify it, then use the normal treatment as the adjuntive therapy.

Those famous ancient Chinese doctors, such as Hua Tuo and Sun Simiao were very good at using these theories, though they never called it psychology. They were very successful in improving the spiritual state of the patient to complement the treatment。

For example, once a man with scabies went to visit Doctor Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo managed to annoy the patient so much that the patient became angry, then used herbs to treat the scabies and the patient recovered soon afterwards. Hua Tuo could see that the patient was scared of the treatment, however, the fear was a negative thought which would be very harmful for the treatment, and he knew that the only way to make the man forget his fear was to make him angry.

Ancient Chinese medicine was a holistic system of accupuncture, herbs, massage etc, combined with the use of psychology.



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