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What Is Dang Zhong Yang?

A popular Chinese blogger, Han Han planned to set up his own magazine in 2010, called Solo Team, but was stopped by Chinese censors due to this cover.

According to Han Han, a communist official asked him why the cover had such a design? Han explained that as it is not allowed to reveal the private parts of the body, he covered it with a magazine logo. (solo team). The officer accused him of implying that the central body of the communist party has guns. So the magazine plan was killed off.

In China, the media use "跟随党中央 which means: "following the central body of the Party" everyday in communist propaganda reports. "The central lead body of the Party" in Chinese is "党中央" pronounced: "Dang-Zhong-Yang" in mandarin. "Dang" means party; "zhong-yang" means centre.

Also, in Chinese,  档中央 has the exact same pronunciation, 档 -- "Dang" means the centre of the trousers; or 挡 - "Dang ", same pronunciation, means covering. So it implies either the middle (or fly area) of the trousers: 档中央, or covering the middle: 挡中央 -- Dang-Zhong-Yang.




















The cover of Han Han's planned magazine, Solo Team.

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China Uncensored   

At Katowice Cultural Center, Poland, the Autumn Health Expo was held between Sep 19 and 22, 2013. There were over 200 exhibitors including a Falun Gong stand for teaching people the Falun Gong exercises.  

An elderly man, kept standing by the Falun Gong stand watching Falun Gong practitioners teaching the exercises. A practitioner went over to him for a chat.

Practitioner: "Do you want to learn the Falun Gong exercises?”

Elderly: “ Yes, I do, but before I learn the exercises, I have one question to ask you. Please answer me.”

Elderly: “My name is Tadeusz Piedo, I am 75 years old. My celestial eye is open, and I always saw through my celestial eye a scene that many people are dying, a lot of people. I always wanted to know the reason for it. But, whenever I opened my mouth to ask about it, my mouth was covered by a big hand which forbade me to ask. I have been here watching you for quite a long time, and saw that scene in my celestial eye again, however, the big hand didn’t appear this time, so it seems that I should be able to ask you here this question, and you must be the people who know the answer, so please tell me about it."

Practitioner: “May I introduce this book Zhuan Falun to you, which can answer your question in great detail. Because after we start practicing Falun Gong, we all come to realize that it is actually God who created human beings, and set the standard for human beings to follow, however, if a person doesn’t abide by that standard, then he or she will be eliminated by God.”  

Practitioner: “You see there, so many Falun Gong practitioners had their organs taken away in mainland China merely because of their belief  in Truth, Compassion and Forbearance, and there are so many governments in the world who know the situation but turn a blind eye to it, or completely ignore it and pretend to know nothing about it. Do you think that  God would allow this kind of thing  to happen ?  Don’t you think that God would punish those evil behaviours?  This is the reason that we come here to promote Falun Gong, because we want to save people from being eliminated.  Our Master once mentioned that disasters had nothing to do with good people. If you want to know more about it, please read this book Zhuan Falun.”

Mr. Piedo held the practitioner’s hand tightly and said :  "It is very good and important that Falun Gong can solve this big problem, it is really the good news for the whole human race.  Certainly I would read this book once I’m home. You know, that there are things  in life  that can merely be gotten by accident, but I’m really very lucky today to obtain this book here.  For sure, there will be no good ending for  the CCP, because they are persecuting Falun Gong which is so good."

Mr. Piedo then bought a copy of Zhuan Falun, signed his name on the petition, and he left his phone number, inviting the Falun Gong practitioner to visit him.


People Signing petition against organ harvesting in China at Autumn Health Expo, Katowice Cultural Center, Poland. (screenshot)



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