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Knife Chained and Child Chained

(A blogger took this photo of a kitchen in a noodle bar, in Xinjiang. screenshot)

Recently, there was some knife violence in Xingjiang. The Chinese authorities decided to restrict buying, owning, and using knives, and this is one result in a local restaurant in Xinjiang, China.

Among many responses, one blogger commented: "I don't know whether to laugh or cry! What shall I  do with my knife at home!"

Chaining is becoming more popular for Chinese people in their daily lives:

Below is a father and his daughter in a train station, both falling sleep while in the waiting room. Fearing his daughter may be kidnapped, the father chained his daughter to him.


Old Monk Records Conversation With Alien (6/10) PDF Print E-mail

6. Alien's admiration of the perfection of the human body

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to communicate with an alien, whose code name was AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92, and that he had been told many things about extraterrestrial civilizations, and their study of humans on earth.

According to Huang YouSheng, aliens are highly amazed by the perfection of the human body.
According to Earth legends, heaven and earth, humans, animals, plants and all other living creatures were created by Shen (God). Similar records can be found in alien civilizations, ie. many billions of years ago, higher beings appeared in this dimension of space, they did a lot of refinements to this earth and much of its surrounding dimensions and spaces, followed by human beings appearing on earth, and it was the greatest event that astonished the alien civilizations.

Every evolution of civilization of humans on earth was guided by higher beings; Shen (Gods) arrived among humans to direct. The high technology of aliens is regarded as rubbish compared to the level of Shen; they cannot be compared. Or you could say that the way that Shen and aliens control or master energy are at completely different levels. The higher beings can control the energy of dimensions which are much tinier than the space of atoms, nuclei and quarks, etc. while aliens can only penetrate a few dimensions that are composed of larger particles. To control such immense and microscopic energy is just a sheer dream for aliens to imagine.

Alien societies also realize that higher beings are arranging this universe. So alien society is keeping a respectful distance from the human race. Aliens know that the human race was created by Shen (God) and protected by God. This is why even though the technology of the human race is still very primitive, aliens do not dare to interfere with or harm humans.

The human body is unmatched and it is impossible for aliens to create something like it. But aliens have studied the human body carefully, with the help of their highly advanced technology they tried to clone some parts or organs of human body with the smallest particles that they can create, but since there is no environment to echo or reflect the functions of the human body, such as a human body’s spontaneous structuring, the ability to self-heal, and to develop immune systems against biological viruses etc., the clones created by aliens are far from replicating the true characteristics of a human body.

Relying on their advanced technology, aliens have learned that the structure of human body is far more intricate than just a composition of organs and senses, which is how the human race sees it.

Aliens discovered that a human cell is composed of molecules, and then atoms. This multi-dimensional structure and hierarchy allows a human body to take on very subtle and intricate forms within the dimensions of various levels of microscopic particles, which entails a profound entanglement with the universe as a whole. The schools of cultivation practice throughout Chinese history have long held the view that, a human body is, in itself, a universe. This may serve as an appropriate explanation.

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