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Chinese Woman Sells Grandson

A 57 year old lady tries to sell her grandson to save her son's life.  (screenshot)

Her son and daugther-in-law spent all their savings and have already borrowed more than 200,000 yuan for treatment for the cancer discovered in her son two months ago. Now he needs a transfusion from his sister, but treatment costs another 300,000 yuan,. She is selling her grandson to save her son!

A 22 years old selling 10 years of labour in exchange for money to treat her mother's cerebral haemorrhage.(screenshot)

While, millions of Chinese communist officials receive free medical treatment, nursing care, and even 'viagra'?!

Aerolite – 'Omen' from Heaven? PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored Staff   

A big aerolite (meteorite completely or almost completely out of stone) fell from the sky around 2 am on 31 July 2013 at Gazicun in Akto County, Xinjiang, which punched a three-meter diameter, two-meter deep hole into a midden waking up the sleeping villagers.

Local residents witnessed a dust-cloud -- about ten-meter wide -- and the smell of scorched earth around that area at 11:00 am; one charred military boot with rubber sole was thrown to a residential compound fifty-meters away.

It has always been believed in ancient China that an aerolite is an 'Omen' implying something serious is going to happen such as social unrest, or some conspicuous struggle or deaths of the heads of state. 

A good example is the rather large aerolith's shower in Jilin on 8 March 1976, consisting of 3 big aerolites and 3,000 small ones, regarded as the biggest aerolith's shower since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came into power. The deaths of the 3 leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De, together with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Tangshan, leading to a death-toll of 24 million, all these events happening in the same year give rise to the understanding of an 'Omen'.

There was another aerolith's shower in Heze, Shangdong on 15 Feb 1997, coinciding with the death of Deng Xiaoping - former leader of the Chinese communist party - his death announced on 19 Feb, 1997, and the start of Jiang Zemin's governance of corruption.

The second largest aerolite's shower since the CCP came into power smashed into earth on 11 Feb 2012 in Haining, Qinghai. Several major events happened in that year starting with a severe health shock of Jiang Zemin which brought him very close to death. In that same year, the Wang Lijun - the former police chief and vice-mayor of Chongqing - and Bo Xilai - the former mayor of Chongqing - incidence shook the world. Wang Lijun fearing for his life from Bo Xilai sought refuge at the US Consulate General in Chengdu,  publicizing to the world the infighting going on among the CCP's leaders and leading to the dismissal of Bo Xilai and the unfolding of the brutal struggle among the members of the CCP's previous eighteenth National Congress.  

That same year also witnessed an earthquake at the most powerful political location of Zhongnanhai in Beijing.    



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