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A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to communicate with an alien, whose code name was: AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92, and that he had been told many things about extraterrestrial civilizations, and their study of humans on earth.

3. Flying Saucers Passing Through Molecular Spaces

According to Huang Yousheng, he can see the alien technology but would only talk briefly about flying saucers here.

The technique of extraterrestrial civilizations traveling through several parallel or horizontal spaces is not too complicated. The concept of space is also very simple: the space which humans can see is just within the range between planets that are composed of macromolecules. For example, people think that the planet is made up of organic and inorganic macromolecular substances, but when you enter the space between macromolecules, in a certain sense, you will find that the distance between macromolecules, is as far as Earth is to Mars.

Once they enter the space between those macromolecules, they can use the materials available there. Such a scientific method is simply beyond human reach. Let me suggest, if science and technology of aliens has reached university level, humans on earth are only at kindergarten level, with some aspects maybe even lower.

In fact, the capacity of aliens is also quite limited, as they only can travel through a few parallel or horizontal level spaces formed by macromolecules.

Extraterrestrial life has recognized that spaces between different types of molecules is very complex. They can pass through only a few, but to humans on earth, it is incredible.

They are using the microscopic substance of the space of those macromolecules, using special techniques to build things like spaceships. Humans use chemical energy and electrical energy to generate power, aliens use a way that converts the structure of the matter, using energy emitted from the process during transformation of physical status, to enter into those spaces.

To explain this in human language, for example, humans can see white salt, if dissolved into water, the molecules of salt are 'passing through' water. Human eyes are not able to see the molecules of salt in the water, but when the molecules of salt come out of the water, they turn back into a solid substance again, and are visible to human eyes in this dimension. That is just an example. It is to say that the flying saucers do not follow the theory of aerodynamics that humans understand. It is why that they can jump and zig-zag when flying, and also can appear and disappear in an instance.

Many times, when flying saucers appeared in certain regions, there would be electrical blackouts and people in that area would act abnormally. That is because their technology has exceeded the level of electrical energy, and can produce an energy field in a deeper space. They may purposely produce such a field, which is much more powerful than the electric fields or magnetic fields which are known by humans. It shields the electric field or magnetic field. So the electric energy appears to be absorbed and disappeared. The electrical field within human brains can also become abnormal. These are things that human science on earth cannot explain. Human beings boast about the science of electronics and modern spaceships, but it is nothing but a young shoot among the civilization in the cosmos.  

Actually, light from different spaces have different speeds. Einstein may have come to understand this, but he did not reveal all the things that he discovered, fearing human greed, he only disclosed his  general theory of relativity. The human race has produced nuclear weapons based on Einstein's theory, but human use it to kill themselves. It is very sad. In reality it can be used as an energy source to serve human society. Nuclear energy seems to be quite dangerous to human beings, though our understanding of nuclear technique is still at quite a low level. In a word, using nuclear energy to produce power is a very low level technique.

Let us look at AK5T's travel. Within a few thousand earth years, using the rocket technology on earth, even if the rocket reaches the speed of light, it will only go through part of the Milky Way Galaxy, let alone travel through the 720 galaxies outside of the Milky Way.

To describe it this way: flying saucers enter into another space, then from a certain place return to original space. It may have passed tens of thousands of light years, but only a few seconds travel in another space. Also, time is not the same in different spaces. So, that is how alien life AK5T has traveled hundreds of galaxies, and stayed in some galaxies to study and exchange different alien technologies and civilizations in just a few thousand earth years.

To be continued...

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