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Shanghai Train Commuter

After the horrific high speed train crash in Wenzhou on 23rd July, and also the train crash in Shanghai on September 25, it is no wonder that this Shanghainese wears helmet, knee and elbow protection on the train. (screenshot).

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China Uncensored Staff   

2. Highly Advanced Alien Network

Huang Yousheng’s third eye opened after his cultivation, He can see some very distant places in space, and is able to see detailed situationd in other spaces.  After his communication with alien life AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92,  Huang can see their status of the development of science and technology.

Alien lives have managed to make their planet looks very prosperous with their high-tech abilities, some buildings and facilities were built underground, some built on the surface of the planet, some in space. High-rise buildings with metal-like outers are forming cities all over the planet. Some of them do not need oxygen, but are similar to machine-like creatures with chip circuit boards covered with body shells. For example, nowadays, our children like the "Ultraman series", robots, superman etc. In fact,  they are the infiltration of alien civilizations on Earth.

AK5T likes to travel and has visited many extraterrestrial civilizations. AK5T has travelled through 720 galaxies of a similar size like the Milky Way. It can be said it has very rich experience! Its experience is stored directly in its own mini library of its body, similar to the database hard disk of Earth. But the electromagnetic technology of present Earth is not stable, it cannot sustain the interference when passing through cosmos, as the rays in the cosmos are much stronger. AK5T uses photon technology to transform information into an orderly fashion and send into a confined space, similar to the manufacturing of nuclei. It is not affected by outside, and data can be stored for hundred and thousands of years. Like the internet on earth, it can also upload information to a type of solid container, similar to a data centre in AK planet, for research by  AK planet scientists.

The alien planet also have Internet, but their technique is much higher level than the "e-bit stream" we are using now on earth. Extraterrestrial civilizations can travel through several parallel or horizontal spaces. In a large area within a particular space, they have "network node" throughout that space, similar to what human has built on earth. They can provide energy and transmit information, as if they are a “Galaxy village". It is much higher tech than our "Earth village" here. They do not need electricity, nor complicated connections like personal computers; it is made from micro particles like cells, which can automatically store energy, and convert different type of rays in the cosmos. Every life in its own galaxy or flying saucer, can directly collect energy or information from these “network nodes.”


To be continued ...

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