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China Uncensored Staff   

Preface: Mr. Ping is a 500 year old Daoist (Taoist), whom I have been keeping contact with since I was born. This memoir is based on my own, and a few other peoples experiences who have been involved with Mr. Ping and myself. It is not a continuous storyline.

This journey made me realize that many things in the world are not what people normally perceive through their eyes.....


The knack of “Xiu-luo”

From then on, nothing dangerous happened, I had passed this ‘hundred day check!”

I asked Mr. Ping in later days about this “hundred day check”, Ping said that it is caused by some actions of demons, they can transform into forms of birds and animals, to take the essence of babies.

These demons were originally ordinary people, but they did not have a good heart and they followed a cult called The Knack of “Xiu-luo”, resulting in this situation. After they complete their practice, their main spirit could leave the body and turn into birds or animals, to harm people. But they do not have much power.

“Why do they want babies essence?” Ping said that once a person practices this cult, they cannot consume normal human food, they survive by consuming babies essence. They are usually over 100 years old, and once they reach completion of their practice, become Ah-xiu-luo; they go to the dimension of “Xiu-luo” to live like animals.”

Mr. Ping also told me that those demons who still need to survive by “hundred day checks” are not high level ones, some times people can shoot them down with arrows. They belong to lower level demons. But the ones that bothered me had practiced for more than 100 years and nearly reached the level of Ah-xiu-luo, so it was not easy for people to control them. During my “hundred day check", Mr. Ping used a small white dragon to chase it a few hundred kilometres away, where it disappeared into a mountain.

Mr. Ping used his celestial eye to find that there is a cave in that mountain; the demons use rocks to seal the entrance of the cave. Mr. Ping used his power to open the entrance of the cave, a strong rotten smell emitted from the cave. There were a few hundred skeletons of babies on the ground of the cave, and there was an old woman, ugly and skinny, with green eyes and very pointy sharp teeth.

She curled among the skeletons and constantly begged pardon from Mr. Ping. Ping let his dragon tie up this demon and used a sword to cut off its head. It then died.

My grandpa left us when I was three years old. Grandpa was a very kind, and hard working peasant, who lived by Chinese traditional principles. Before he passed away, he called my father, and Aunty to his bed and told them that throughout his life he had not done many things regrettable or unforgivable, but there are two things that bother him;  in 1932, he found a bag of money containing 7 silver dollars, he sat beside it waiting for the owner, but no one came, so he took it home and used it for the family when food was short some times. He had always felt guilty about it. So he asked my father to take out that amount of money to offer to the poor people. My father promised that he would do it.

The second thing was that when Rur (my nick name) was enduring his "Hundred day check", the person who saved his life, we did not even know his name and did not offer any reward. Though we did not have much treasure inherited from our ancestors, there were still a few pieces kept, so we should give them to this person if ever we met him again.

My father constantly repeated his promises to grandpa to assure him that he will do as grandpa requested. Grandpa passed away quietly that night.

To be continued.

Translated from DJY

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