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Monk Beaten to Death After Speaking To Foreign Media

Tibetan Monk, 嘉扬金巴 JiaYang Jinba, was beaten to death on 3rd April by communist police. He was 37.

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Grandpa gave my birth charts to this blind Daoist the same day I was born, the Daoist calculated many times, but was reluctant to say anything. Grandpa asked him again and again, and finally he said that I had 'A Hundred Day Check!' and it was a very vicious one.

Many people may have heard of “A hundred day check”, especially elderly people in the countryside, meaning that a baby will die within 100 days after birth. According to elderly people in the village, it is also called “quilt check”, it is a very vicious spirit, it can transform into 18 characters, like bat, cat, rat etc. they always come out at night time, and they can use magic power to make adults fall into a deep asleep, and then suffocate the baby inside the quilt cover.

After hearing the prediction, Grandpa was desperate and asked the blind Daoist to find a way to dissolve this curse. The Daoist asked my grandpa to cast a sword immediately, to ward off evil spirits, they placed that sword underneath my bed, and also borrowed fishing net to wrap around my small bed completely. The Daoist also drew some symbols on paper and stuck them on my bed, every entrance, and windows of our house.

That day this blind Daoist, who had rarely left his own house, except to walk a few miles while led by another villager, came to our house. He came to tell our family members that he had dissolved many cases of 'hundred day check' in his life, most cases can be dissolved by him, and he was quite successful. The method that his Master told him is very powerful and useful, it can deal with most, but there is one “check” that he cannot dissolve, which is “blood check”. “Blood check” is the most ferocious one among those “checks”, very rare for people to encounter.

He tried to calm my grandpa, and also stayed in our house for three nights. Grandpa asked every relative to come to our house, and everyday two adults sat beside me while I was asleep. They drank tea, walk around inside the room, every night. They would not fall asleep at all.

Three days passed, the Daoist reminded the adults to carefully listen to any strange sound in the night: “If there is no sound or strange movement, it will be ok; if you heard the sound of wings against a fishing net, or see shadows moving around on consecutive nights, then it means the boy faces "blood check", that would be the fate, and I could help no more.” The Daoist went back home.

Nothing happened in the first month. Everybody was relieved, and thought there would be no problems. But Grandpa was still very worried, he hardly ever closed his eyes at night, he always came to my room in the middle of the night to check that the adults were awake. Grandpa insisted that everyone should be totally alert until we passed the first one hundred days.

Indeed, in the second month, after more than 40 days, one evening, my (big brother) uncles’ son was on his ‘shift’, it was about 1 or 2 am, he was so sleepy, so he walked around the room with his head down and vaguely heard the sound of wings on a fishing net, he was shocked awake, and turned around, seeing a black shadow flap, flap, but could not see what it was, he shouted so loud and woke every one, grandpa ran over to my room without his shoes.

Everyone stayed awake the rest of the night. No one dared to sleep until the sun came out the next day. Grandpa could not even talk until midday, he asked my father to go along with him, and borrowed a tricycle, to fetch the blind Daoist.

The blind Daoist was lead into our house, but he kept facing the wall, and did not want to have any food. Our family members then told him that they knew that he had done what he could, if it is in my destiny, no one can help. So they just asked him to do whatever he thinks may help.

The Daoist draw many symbols again and stuck them all over the house. He also asked our family members to worship our ancestors, burning incense at the graves of our ancestors. In the evening, our house was packed with people; Grandpa asked many villagers to come to help. Some played cards, some drank tea, but soon their voices lowered, and many of them fell asleep. About 2 or 3 am, one person got up to go to the toilet when he vaguely heard a noise from the roof, then saw a black crow flap its wings then disappear. He ran quickly into the room and saw the black bird crashing against the fishing net, he shouted and everyone awoke, they looked everywhere, but could not see any bird.

The Daoist heard this, just sighed and shook his head. Grandpa started crying and begging our ancestors. My mother was so sad, but my father was not affected at all. My father went to school after 1949, and he had been in the army for many years, he even served as a junior officer. He was an atheist. He was very much against people worshipping Buddha, etc. He would swear at them behind their back: “superstitious!” But he was afraid of Grandpa, so in front of Grandpa, he never expressed his distaste.

But this time, seeing Grandpa so distressed, Father really could not stand it so he told my mother that she was being superstitious, worrying about things that never exist. Those people, who said they saw something, were sleepy and their eye sight was blurred, and maybe just wanted to makeup some story to stir others…. Father did not even finish his lecturing of mother, Grandpa had already swung his walking stick at Father's head, and father ran out of the room.

At this time, Mr. Ping appeared.

To be continued.

Read Part one here

Translated from DJY



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