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Editors Note: This series was posted quite a while ago in a Chinese blog, which attracted enormous readership, but soon China's "thought police" started to post abusive comments. The blogger stopped posting his story, but when overseas independent media found this blog, and started to promote it, the blogger, Qi-Ren Jia continued his story.

Preface: Mr. Ping is a 500 year old Daoist (Taoist), whom I have been keeping contact with since I was born. This memoir is based on my own, and a few other peoples experiences who have been involved with Mr. Ping and myself. It is not a continuous storyline.

This journey made me realize that many things in the world are not what people normally perceive through their eyes.


Mr. Ping is a Daoist cultivator, who has been cultivating mainly on Mt Kunlun for over 500 years. I am not sure how many people have met Mr. Ping, but if anyone sees him, they will not see anything  special about him.

Mr. Ping likes to "Yun-you" (wander around), and he has been all over China. Mr. Ping cultivates Daoism, but not the religion of Daoism. He says that he belongs to "Xian-tian-Dao" I do not know anything about it. From my understandings, Daoists should wear a long robe, have a strange hair style with some strange manners. Ping never wears long robes, and has no special hair style like those in the movies. His hair is not too long, but messy and has not been cut evenly. There is one thing you may find different, he used to wear a wide old straw hat. He is just like an ordinary peasant walking in the street, even if someone sees him, they would not remember him.

Mr. Ping is beyond the mundane world, he usually cultivates on Mt Kunlun, He does not speak whilst on the  mountain, but he knows everything in the world. He would stay in the mountain for a few decades, or over a hundred years, before coming down the mountain to wander for a period.

Pings says that he is over 500 years old, but he does not look old. His hair is still dark, and he ha a beard, like a middle aged person. I have known Mr. Ping for over 30 years, his appearance has never changed, as if age and years passing has nothing to do with him.

My connection with Mr. Ping is from shortly after I was born, and those thing were told to me by my parents and relatives.

1, 'A Hundred Day Check!'**

Being a boy and with my father also being the only boy in his family, my grandfather was very happy to receive me! At the time I was born, bias on boys was still a very strong trend in society, especially in the country side. Since my father went to serve in the army, and he was already a middle aged man after coming back from the army, having a boy is quite precious. Our villagers says that my grandfather always turned his face down for most of his life, but he started to smile all day, everyday once I was born. He became so pleasant and greeted everyone he saw.

My grand father believes in fate. He can also "Xian-ke" (use fingers to calculate one's fate from Yi-Ching, or Ba-gua). This is the what our villagers say, and I do not know how people describe it in the book. He used his thumb to press the nuckle of other fingers to calculate some small events in life. For example, if a child was missing, a cow was missing, he would help people to find them. He was very accurate.

My mother told me, Once there was a child in the village who had done a naughty thing, so he did not dare to come home. His family could not find him all day and were very worried, other villagers also helped them to look for the child but to no avail. So they came to ask my grandpa, Grandpa played with his fingers for a while, and said to the child' father: not very far, in the East, something related with wood, you shall try to find him on the tree.

So the villagers all went east, and found the boy that night, sitting high in a tree. He was covered by tree leaves and branches. He was afraid of being punished by his parents, so he did not want to come down. This child now is much older than me, I call him uncle.

Grandpa had a very good relationship with a Daoist in a nearby village. This Daoist waqs blind, he relied on telling fortunes, drawing magic symbols to cure some illness and treating small illness for others to survive. He was quite famous and many people came afar to look for him. But his temper was a bit strange, if someone looked for him especially for fortune telling, he was often not happy. He did not tell everyone about their fate, quite often, some people even came from far away but were faced with a closed door. So some people come to see my grandfather, asking my grandpa to take them to see the blind Daoist, knowing that he would talk to my grand father.

Grandpa gave my birth charts to this blind Daoist the same day I was born, the Daoist calculated many times, but was reluctant to say anything. Grandpa asked him again and again, and finally he said that I had 'A Hundred Day Check!' and it was a very vicious one.

**A Hundred day Check! --- If this fate was found in one's birth charts, within a hundred days after a child was born, he or she will face hardships, dangerous situations, and most cases will result in death.

To be continued