Pot Of Gold - But Not To Keep Print
China Uncensored Staff   

A Chinese peasant Yang Degui has been showing off his unique abilities for a number of years: grabbing money and treasure from an empty bowl!

On 17th October 2010, Yang was invited to a hotel room in Wuhan province by media organizations, to perform his famous act.

On the table, was placed a bowl half full of water. A local resident volunteered to put his hand in the water inside the bowl; in front of the media camera and many locals watchful eyes, Yang pulled out a red string from his pocket, hung it on the window frame, closed the curtain, and half closed his eyes while mumbling some words... about 50 seconds later, the local resident pulled 200 yuan from the bowl.

Next, a journalist tried: put his hand in the water, Yang mumbled a few words and also put his own hand in the bowl and patted the journalist hand while asking him to keep grabbing, about 72 seconds later, the journalist felt some paper pushed into his hand, he grabbed them, it was 200 yuan.

Many observers joined the queue to experience the act. In less then 50 minutes, 30 thousand yuan was "grabbed" from the empty bowl by different volunteers, among the money, were euros, American money and coins.

Yang, without shirt, and a media reporter. (screenshot)

Yang kept drinking alcohol whilst conducting his "skill". Some reporters commented that more money would be grabbed if Yang drinks more.

Yang's skill has been studied widely in many institutes in China, but they are unable to explain the skill. One department even offered a reward of 100 thousand yuan for anyone who could explain the magic.

But Yang explained it plainly: "It is not magic; it is 'Xun Shu' " (遁术 in Chinese: a capability that some people obtain by cultivating the Tao; to make something or someone disappear, and reappear. ) Yang says that he cannot use this money he 'moves' from other places; other people's money, "definitely cannot use!" His master warned him many times during his learning period that he should not act wrongly after obtaining the skill. "If you 'Xun' the money here today, you must send it back!"

Journalist also witnessed Yang 'sending back 300 yuan on the spot. Yang said that he shall send the rest of the money back within 3 days.

Yang stated that he will never use this skill to earn money, but he intends to hold commercial performances, to earn money from his performance; for his own hard work.


Reporters also visited Yang's home, a remote village, called Yaoziyan, seeing many Chinese paintings and calligraphy hanging on the walls, some by well-known Chinese artists. Yang explains that they were given by those people who had seen his performance, "but as a matter of fact, I did not even graduate from primary school, and I can not understand what is written on the calligraphy. I can only write my own name."

Yang says, he has performed many times, and he even once took all his clothes off when there were no females present, to show that he wasn't hiding the money on himself.

Yang also explained that things taken out from the empty bowl were not always money, there was once a bottle of white wine, and an ancient bronze ornament, etc. this is not up him to decide what he may get.

Yang has become quite famous and has been invited to many cities in China to perform, and also in South Korea, North Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

Yang says:""this Xun-shu is just like a game, I do performances for people, they pay for the performance. It is just to fulfill their curiosity, make them happy. It is not the wrong thing to do."