Clelestial Movement and Human Body Print
Yu Tang   

In ancient science, astronomy is a very popular subject that was passed down to human beings, by an “unknown source”. This is evidenced by Greek and Middle East ancient science. The celestial body helps people manage time, seasons, agriculture, etc. and is very important knowledge for human beings to possess.

Chinese were also given a celestial globe before one thousand years BC, with the names of all stars and planets and their orbiting information that modern science only found in 2000AD.

Ancient Chinese stories told that the knowledge was passed from “gods”. Each name is the same as one of the meridian points of the human body which ancient Chinese medicine describes. (The illustration of meridians in the human body is also passed on by “gods” or “sages” in ancient China.) Every meridian point in the human body is matched by one star or planet. There is not one extra star in the sky or one extra meridian point in human body.

Furthermore, each star has its own character and its influence on other stars; the same as the organs and systems of the human body have their own character and influence on other organs. The human body simply is a reflection of our milky way, and of course, vise-versa. For instance, we call some planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, etc, while Chinese name them “Mu-xing, Jin-xing, Huo-xing, Shui-xing,” meaning “wood-star, metal-star, fire-star, water-star”, etc. The major organs of the human body are also characterized with metal-lungs, water-kidneys, fire-heart, etc in Chinese medicine. From there we understand their connections and influence on each other.

Among thousands of scientific subjects and topics that our modern scientists are used to discussing, there are only a few subjects where ancient Chinese were given formulas and guidance from “gods”, but those formulas and guidance are enough to reveal the rhythm of nature and the secrets of the universe and the human body!

Chinese medicine

I have to make clear that ancient Chinese science and medicine is not Chinese science and Chinese medicine of the present day in China.

The Chinese medicine today in China has very different principles to ancient Chinese medicine. Or I should rather say there are no basic ancient principles they offer when teaching Chinese medicine in university in China.

Yes, it is a very important matter. For instance, in ancient Chinese medicine, it is told what time you need to pick the herbs from the soil, and how to cook it, and which time of the day you should drink the medicine. But these descriptions were all criticized as superstitious by “Communist theory” and forbidden to be practiced.

The basic theories of ancient Chinese medicine laid out a very simple logic: every plant has its own life span, ripens at a certain time, and reaches certain nutritional composition at a certain age. The same as the human body and its organs, they have their own rhythm to absorb nutrition and to release trash at its own time of the day. There is nothing superstitious about the way ancient Chinese medicine works.

Ancient Chinese medicine also very much emphasized a person’s spiritual practice and balance, whereas in the “Red terror of China”, people have no trust in each other, and are not allowed to express personal emotions. It is certain that basic ancient Chinese medicine can not be practiced. As a doctor in China can not state that his or her patient is in a depressing situation – that means this person is not happy with our great country under the leadership of Mao and his successors, because of the certainty of persecution. There were lots of tragedies that happened in similar situations.

I remember a few friends of our family who had ill health, but when they decided to go to see Chinese doctors, they appeared to have an embarassed manner, and did not like to talk about it openly.

There is quite a lot of twist and manipulation of ancient Chinese medicine by modern Chinese medicine. Certainly, to alter the teaching of “gods”; or ancestors is a crime. It is recognized by Chinese scholars. So no Chinese doctors would really dare to do such thing. But “Communist Theory” “encourages” Chinese doctors to make their achievements in many “revolutions” on Chinese medicine.

Chairman Mao, and the Communist party was the ‘saviour’ of Chinese people, and of course the ‘saviour’ of the rest of the world. So the knowledge of the human body connected with the stars, universe, etc. is being forgotten or wiped out.

In fact, the situation in China is worse than having just forgotten the essence of Ancient Chinese wisdom. In November 2006, a “famous scientist”, suggested on a public website that Chinese medicine should be banned completely in China. It certainly ignited lots of debate. I did not follow the arguments, but noticed that a few weeks later, the debate was still going on!

Science is about making sense of life and the universe; and maybe to make human life easer? It is pleasant for us to find new developments in science that help us enhance our previous scope of knowledge, and I say that it is quite pleasant for Chinese people to be offered such wisdom of the universe to benefit our lives. Of course this is only if we treasure this wisdom.

Ancient Chinese science and medicine is too enormous for us to depict in such a short essay. But the essence is clear: this universe, the human body and everything on earth is truly one body that needs to be in harmony, care, patience, compassion and tolerance with each other; to be able to distinguish and discard unhealthy elements, and to nourish spirituality for the well being of our entire environment.

I believe that ancient Chinese science and medicine, if properly considered, will offer human beings immense knowledge, wisdom and resolutions to our daily lives. And that is in fact, what we modern scientists have been searching for.