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Rat Race In China?

Warning -- disturbing images  --- Do not read before meal.


Just after the news of the selling of rats meat mixed with lamb meat in China's restaurants and shops, a high school student in Zhejiang province found a rat in his breakfast, just bought from school canteen. The boy says: "I had one bite of the rice ball, and had a glimpse of the rat head in it, I did not believe it was a rat, and I had a better look.... than I had to run outside to vomit..... other classmates were vomiting as some of them had the same type of breakfast. Some male students quickly came to take photos..... (screenshot from Chinese blogs)


The Headmaster of the school told journalists that people from the local Food And Drug Administration had checked the canteen, and found dried rat bones, or half of the head of ra at in dried mushrooms.(photo below).

In Chinese cooking, normally, dry mushrooms have to be washed and soaked in water before cooking.

A blogger says: Now I understand why students should not be allowed to carry mobile phones to school... you see, once these photos up on the web.......too much trouble.....

According to the Headmaster, students who eat the same dish were sent to hospital but suffered no ill symptoms.


Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

--------------- Aldous Huxley

The Man Who Slapped Mao Zedong Three Times PDF Print E-mail
Ma Yunlong   

When I was detained in a detention centre in the 1970’s, I met a man known as a ‘holdout’ because he refused to hand his land over to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as in 1953 many farmers, including himself had received land from the CCP regime.

In January, 1975. I was arrested for “counter-revolutionary crimes’, and was first detained at Changge County detention centre and then transferred to the Xuchang County detention centre in Henan Province. I was released in 1979 and vindicated soon after.

However, on my first day in the detention centre of Xuchang County, I got to...

Are Marriages Destined? PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

The bride, Miss Zhu Haiyan, and groom, Wang Min, were born in the same county in Henan province in China, and both were 25 years old, but they did not know each other.

Wang was introduced to Miss Zhu in 2011 by a friend when he retired from army service and returned home. Miss Zhu is an assistant in a dental clinic.

Once introduced, they were attracted to...

Buddhists Say Destiny is Ordained... PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Life sometimes produce fascinating, extraordinary 'coincidences', not only by physical circumstance, but also psychologically.

Here are a few of the amazing ones:

* In 1975, a man riding a moped in Bermuda was accidentally struck and killed by a taxi that had one passenger. One year...

Chinese Etiquette Before the Communist State PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

In traditional Chinese etiquette, there were a lot of teachings on the polite way to behave.  The ancient Chinese primary textbook,  "The Rules for Students" taught that when one is walking, one should walk calmly, not too fast not too slow; when one is standing, one should stand uprightly; when one is bowing, one should bow deeply and...

Psychology in Ancient China PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Ancient Chinese medicine doctors never treated psychology as a separate subject, but would use psychology to assist in their treatments.

In ancient times, there were many famous doctors whose third eyes were open, who could see what happened in the patient’s body, or who could know clearly the movements of the patient’s internal organs and their...

Stories You Won't Find in Text Books In Communist China PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Confucius emphasized that a person needs to uphold five characteristics or moral standards: “仁、义、礼、智、信” = “Ren–Yi-Li-Zhi-Xin”: Kindness and generosity, loyalty and justness, politeness and respectfulness, possess wisdom and learning, trust and honesty. These are the core principles of Confucianism, and was a...

Fashion Ancient to Modern PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Through out 5000 years of Chinese history, the variety of fashions in different dynasties have been recorded vividly in many Chinese ancient books, paintings, and theatrical plays.

Chinese bloggers discovered a striking head-piece design with ancient Chinese characters similar to a Chanel head piece design.

One blogger posed a question: would the designer of the ancient Chinese head piece and the present one who is working for Chanel be the same person through reincarnation?




Teachings From Mencius PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Mencius was a Chinese philosopher and sage, and one of the principal interpreters of Confucianism.

He thought that a person should first of all, follow good advice and do good deeds, and the same with governing a country.  The Emperor of a country should widely accept advice and follow others’ good suggestions and good examples. 

About Face for "Despicable Me 2" in China PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

When film producer Chris Meledandri created the comedy "Despicable Me 2", he did not expect it to be blocked by the Chinese censors, but it was, 3 years ago. Why? Only the Chinese people know: the main character, the super villain Gru, bears a striking resemblance to the former communist regime leader, Jiang Zemin.

But now, only days after...

Traditional Culture: One Must Pay Back One's Debts PDF Print E-mail

During the Ming dynasty, Wang Yanxu, a boatman from Taiyuan, borrowed one ling 8 qian of silver from a wealthy man. Wang died before he paid back his debt.

One day, the wealthy man saw Wang Yanxu, with a white band tied on his waist, walking into the cattle pen. Moments later, someone told the wealthy man that a cow had given birth to a...

A Big Hand Covering My Mouth Disappeared PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

At Katowice Cultural Center, Poland, the Autumn Health Expo was held between Sep 19 and 22, 2013. There were over 200 exhibitors including a Falun Gong stand for teaching people the Falun Gong exercises.  

An elderly man, kept standing by the Falun Gong stand watching Falun Gong practitioners teaching the exercises. A...

Old Monk Records Conversation With Alien (final) PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a...

Old Monk Records Conversation With Alien (8, 9) PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

8. The mystery of cultivation practice and the human body

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to...

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