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" The Party Gave Us Second Lives"

A child working among adults. (screenshot)

"The communist Party gave us second lives."  ---- a saying that most Chinese would quote automatically due to the constant brainwashing since the communist takeover in China in 1949.

These workers breaking old building debris into smaller bits of 7 ~ 8 cm, as resource for calcium carbide for factories. (screenshot)

New factories emerged at high speed; so did the pollution. (screenshot)

Peasants begging the communist regime to control pollution: Chinese writing: (we) do not want pollution; we want to live. (screenshot)

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Zhang Qing   

Mr. Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese human rights lawyer was 'released' last year by the Chinese communist regime, after 4 years of jail, but Mr. Chen and his family, his wife, daughter, and parents have never been free to walk out side of their home since his release.

Many Chinese tried to visit Mr. Chen and his family, knowing that they would face a brutal beating, but they still went.......

On 5th Oct. 2011, a journalist, Mr. Shi Yue from a magazine belonging to the communist mouthpiece, Xinhua, went to Shandong, along with another dozen people, to try to visit Chen Guangcheng, but they were beaten and their heads covered by black cloth, for over 2 hours.... they were told that they were arrested by the police because they stole things from villagers, but there is no record in police notes relating to stealing.The journalist was sacked by the paper.

On 23 Oct. 2011, about 30 people approached Dongshi village when more than 30 thugs appeared at the entrance of the village, and beat the visitors. Most of them were beaten to the ground and bleeding, including all the females and their phones and cameras were either taken away or damaged.

Thugs brutally beat the people in this photo when they tried to visit Chen.



The video Link on Chen Guangcheng:

A blogger:

The old Dong-shi village of Shuanghou town in Yi-nan county, Shandong province,( Address in Chinese: 山东省沂南县双堠镇东师古村) become a new travel destination: The mysterious point of this place is, no matter how many people go there, they will disappear....

But bloggers are trying to call for volunteers: --- if there could be a few hundreds or more people visit there together, what will happen?

A website, (Love Guangcheng, Free Guangcheng ) is calling: You can support call for FREE CHEN GUANGCHENG by sending one of your photos wearing black glasses to this email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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