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Snap Shot at a Chinese Railway Station

A Chinese blogger posted this photo to the web that he took at a Chinese railway station, and it quickly spread. Hundreds of bloggers praised this young boy for the filial manner in which he is looking after his father, or grandfather?


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81 65th Anniversary of Korean War China Uncensored
82 Miss World Canada Reveals Beijing’s Totalitarianism Hon. David Kilgour J.D.
83 Political Wrestling Behind Aung San Suu Kyi’s Visit to China China Uncensored
84 “Ride 2 Freedom” Starts on Children’s Day China Uncensored
85 End Denial of Tiananman Square Massacre China Uncensored
86 World Falun Dafa Day Celebrated Bob Vinnicombe
87 Australian Politicians Have Been Morally Challenged Bob Vinnicombe
88 GreatFire Under Attack by Chinese Regime China Uncensored
89 Unarmed Youth Shot in Tibet On Uprising Anniversary China Uncensored
90 Great Firewall of China Affects Us All China Uncensored
91 US Again Backs Hong Kong Key Protest Demand VOA
92 Dalian Corpse Factory Worker Exposes Inside Information NTD
93 Ending Organ Pillaging/Trafficking in China Hon. David Kilgour
94 Has Kim Jong-un Been Toppled? China Uncensored
95 Nobel Peace Summit Cancelled Because of Boycott China Uncensored
96 Greetings From Russia Met With Chinese Anger China Uncensored
97 Chinese Embassy in Australia Tries to Stifle ABC China Uncensored
98 Hong Kong Democracy 'Occupy Central' VOA
99 South Africa Again Refuses Visa for Dalai Lama VOA
100 Chinese Use UAV's Against Uyghur Civilians WUC
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