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What Do His Hand Gestures Mean?


Chen made this hand gesture 6 times during his confession which was aired by China's state media, CCTV, before his trial.

Chen Yongzhou, a journalist for the Guangdong-based New Express newspaper was arrested after he published a report about financial irregularities at a construction-equipment company called Zoomlion.

Chen's arrest sparked a huge outcry from Chinese people and also from the newspaper he was working for. The newspaper made a big effort to pressure the communist regime to release Chen, but a few days later, the chief of New Express was removed from his position.

The communist regime quickly arranged a TV "show" that showed Chen Yongzhou 'confessing' to accepting bribes, but most Chinese bloggers thought the 'confession' was the result of torture.

Chinese bloggers also questioned the following from the CCTV program:

1, Why did Chen make this hand gesture 6 times during his confession?

2, Why did Chen keep his eyes closed at all times during his confession?

3, There are 2 areas of bruising on his neck, are they the result of beating and torture ?

4, Why did CCTV broadcast Chen Yongzhou's confession before any trial?

5, Who had bribed him and why was that person not charged?

6, Why did they shave Chen's hair?


Journalist Chen Yongzhou from New Express newspaper (screenshot)


Chinese bloggers asked: Was he in physical pain when reciting this statement? (screenshot)

The bruise marks can be clearly seen on his neck. (screenshot)

UN Committee Says Torture Deeply Entrenched in China PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage
China Uncensored   

The United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) has concluded its review of the Chinese regime's compliance with the Convention against Torture.

In its document, Concluding Observations, released on 9th December, the Committee says it: "remains seriously concerned over consistent reports indicating that the practice of torture and ill-treatment is still deeply entrenched in the criminal justice system.”

The Committee expressed concern about many common practices including the use of so called 'black jails', the period of pre-trial detention of 37 days and even longer without charges being laid (international standard is 48 hours maximum), denial of access to lawyers, and the power of police and Public Security to both investigate subjects and maintain the detention centres in which they are kept, without judicial oversight.

The report said that the mass crackdown against lawyers and defenders this year: “deter lawyers from raising reports of torture in their clients’ defence for fear of reprisals, weakening the safeguards of the rule of law that are necessary for the effective protection against torture.”

The report also ridicules the absurd claims by China that solitary confinement is a "management method" and that the use of "tiger chairs" is a "protective measure."

A press release from Free Tibet said:

"We expect the usual bluster from China in response to the Committee’s criticism.  However, this document provides unambiguous guidance for the international community.  The Committee Against Torture – a UN established body of independent experts – has concluded they have evidence of torture taking place in China, including against Tibetans.  It is time for governments around the world to get their heads out of the sand and seriously consider whether they really want to be friends with a government that continues to breach fundamental human rights and allows torture to take place with impunity."

Sharon Hom, Executive Director of Human Rights in China said:

“The Concluding Observations send a clear message that the international community sees through China’s denial of documented facts and stonewalling in the face of expert scrutiny. In a time when incommunicado detention is increasingly used against lawyers and other defenders, the Committee’s observations and recommendations provide a clear guide for what China must do to uphold its international obligations. They also serve as an important tool for those pressing for change on the ground.”

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