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Year 2 Girl Helps Brother Sleep In Classroom

These photos were taken in a primary school of Shanjiang Town, Fenghuang county, Hunan province by Lu Qixing on 29th July, 2011.

The girl in her year 2 classroom, is helping her brother go to sleep, so she and the rest of the children could continue learning in the classroom. (screenshot)

"Now my brother is sleeping, I can listen to the teacher." The girl and boy's parents went away from home to make living; their grand parents were working in the fields, so the girl took her younger brother to the classroom. The boy's larger head size is due to malnutrition, according to the report.

A local teacher, Wu Jianhui told media that it is very common that children in that area live with their grand parents, while their parents went away looking for work.

A government building: "People's Government of Huyuan Town"  ----- A well built "office building" for local communist leaders in a village town in China, with an European design.

Compare the above photos: the true communists system in play.

Cisco Systems Sued in Human Rights Case PDF Print E-mail
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The Human Rights Law Foundation (HRLF) reports that Doe v. Cisco Systems, Inc. is a case currently being litigated in the Northern District of California against Cisco Systems, Inc., a major American network technology corporation. The plaintiffs are a group of Falun Gong practitioners who have been subjected to serious human rights abuses in China through the use of China’s “Golden Shield” project. The Golden Shield is an unprecedented network security system used for the widespread censorship, surveillance, identification, tracking, apprehension, and torture of Chinese dissidents. Cisco has been the major provider of network security “solutions” in China since the late 1990’s and has played a central role in the design and implementation of the Golden Shield, despite widespread knowledge that its primary purpose is to facilitate the violent persecution of dissident groups. See full details

Specifically, the case alleges that Cisco customised technology for anti-Falun Gong purposes and that Cisco not only knew that its customizations would be used to repress Falun Gong practitioners, but actively marketed, sold, and supported the technologies toward that purpose. The case alleges that these customizations were actually used to identify and detain the plaintiffs.

Several years ago Cisco confirms in a presentation that the Golden Shield is helpful to the Chinese government to “Combat Falun Gong and Other Hostilities.”

The case alleges that Cisco has done far more than sell standard router technology and services to the Chinese communist regime, but that they helped to facilitate well-documented human rights violations against a religious minority.



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