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Wang Jianguo, a communist official in a township of Henan Province, led a group of thugs and local police to beat those villagers who refused to be evicted from their houses. He shouted to them:  "You want human rights? Go to America! Become an American citizen! This is China! "

A blogger named Dapeng, said: I have considered the consequences, and this was true, so I posted it."

This is not the first time that Chinese communist leaders have treated Chinese people in this way - they regard them as expendible items.


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photoshop by ChinauncensoredThe proposed new American Ambassador to Beijing, Mr. Max Baucus, has caused great interest among Chinese at the moment, not because he is 72 years old, or his experience as a diplomat, but that Mr Baucus is seeking a suitable Chinese name before taking up his post.

Many Chinese offered suggestions to Mr Baucus, but unfortunately, the hot pick was rather fearsome: “没咳死‧喜奔‧包咳死”! Meaning: (originally) choking to death, moving (to Beijing); will be choking to death.

These are very close approximations of the Chinese pronunciation of the name: Max Sieben Baucus.

It might sound quite gruesome, but it could be serving as a warning to Mr Baucus to take extra care when working in Beijing because of the "crazily bad" air pollution.

The American singer, Patti Austin had to cancel her performance in Beijing as she was affected by the smog.

On the other hand, Chinese can make bad jokes with foreigners, especially Americans; but cannot make such jokes about any communist leaders.

Chinese people are desperately hoping to attract attention from any authority that could help to clean the air in China. The Chinese people have lost faith in the communist regime paying any attention to this matter, or that there is any chance of the communist party being able to solve such a disaster.

Chinese people remember that it was former ambassador Gary Lock who bravely published air pollution meter readings online that exposed the danger. Chinese people are still grateful to Mr Lock.

The Chinese people have been calling on the communist regime to tackle the increasing pollution levels but the communist leaders have increased efforts to purify the air in their own offices and their own working environment, and left their citizens to cope as best they can with their pollution induced illnesses.

The success of publicizing the air pollution levels by the US Embassy has given Chinese people some hope that there are people overseas who hear their concerns about this serious health hazard. That is why many Chinese people even try to deliver their appeals against injustice by communist officials to the US Embassy and Consulates in China.

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