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Charity Begins at Home?

(screenshot from website of Chinese Embassy.)

Chinese bloggers are collecting Chinese school bus photos hoping to pass on these photos to the Macedonian Government and their students, to let them see the buses that they have to travel in.

Collected scene of Chinese school buses in this clip:

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The Chinese regime does not like any criticism or exposure of its authoritarian and criminal behaviour exposed, either at home or overseas.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ruled for over 60 years. It has killed 80 million of its own Chinese citizens and persecuted hundreds of millions. The persecution of tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners is still ongoing. It has ruled with a ruthless iron hand and denied its citizens access to the truth through censorship of all forms of communications and media.

It plays the "carrot and the stick" game with foreign media companies who are falling all over each other to gain access to the huge Chinese market. Overseas journalists visas are only issued for 12 months and then must be reapplied for - this encourages the foreign media to self-censor to placate the regime.

Bloomberg News has been accused by the New York Times of not publishing an article by journalist Michael Forsythe that would have exposed connections between one of China’s richest men, Wang Jianlin, and top communist party officials, so as to be able to continue to operate in China. Bloomberg denied the claims, but fired Michael Forsythe.

The New York Times did cover that story, as well as an investigation into the daughter of former regime premier Wen Jiabao.

The New York Times and Bloomberg websites are blocked in China, and the Chinese-language sites of The Wall Street Journal and Reuters were blocked earlier this year.

The New York Times has not been granted visas for new reporters for over twelve months. The executive editor at The New York Times, Jill Abramson, said “unfettered coverage of China is a crucial issue” and she is determined to continue “the highest quality journalism about China'', whether or not the visas are renewed.

The communist regime has expelled Aljazeera in Beijing and Chinese reporter Melissa Chan for reporting on black jails. After 18 years of China reporting, veteran Paul Mooney of Reuters has been denied a visa.

It would appear that journalists from the New York Times and Bloomberg will not have their current visas renewed and will need to leave China by the end of the year.

Maybe its time for the media giants to grow a backbone and club together to deny Beijing's censorship, and for the US government to demand equal access for foreign journalists to China, as Chinese journalists receive in the west.

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