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Spirit of a Kenyan Sportswoman


A Kenyan elite runner, Jacquline Nyetipei passes water to a dehydrated disabled Chinese runner who she saw suffering. This delayed her from winning. She came 2nd in the race not only losing the 1st position but also a US$10,000 cash prize. It's not all about winning, its the spirit of marathon! So proud to be Kenyan.....

------------- Mashariaz Wrote in his blog


A contrast to what is happening in communist China...


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Most Chinese people would boast "Taiwan belongs to China", and many Taiwanese also hope to once again be united with the land of their ancestors.

While hundreds Chinese tourists are visiting Taiwan every day, how do they associate with each other?

On Sep.9, 2013, Mr Chen Lilun, a 28 years old Taiwanese took his Chinese friend Miss Shi Wei to visit Alishan Forest Recreation area and saw a tourist group from Henan China shouting, littering cigarette butts and spitting everywhere at the trails of the Sister Lake site. So he stopped them and asked them to behave themselves.

To his surprise, the guide of the Henan group, Mr Wang countered him, “Why can’t we do it here? We do it everywhere in China.”  

“But this is Taiwan!” replied Chen.

Wang then jostled Chen from the back and shouted, “But Taiwan belongs to China!” and kicked him to the ground. Two other tourists from mainland China joined in to beat Chen. Luckily the local vendors who observed the affair called the police.

Chen charged Wang and the other two tourists at the Taibei Songshan police station, with a doctor’s certificate affirming his injuries, for attempted murder, injury, humiliation etc., which has entered the judicial system in Taiwan.

On his Facebook page Chen claimed that he was beaten to the ground, punched and kicked, and stones were thrown to his head, chest and back. All he could do was protect his head with his hands.

To his chagrin, that tourist group left Taiwan on Sep.14.  According to the policemen of the Alishan branch, Wang even accused Chen for attempting injury.

The incident went viral among Taiwanese media; some Taiwanese complained that the Taiwanese authority is fearful of the bullying Chinese authority and not able to handle this case in a justified manner.

The Chinese, still feeling glorified, went back to China, continuing to slam the "interference", during their trip to Taiwan, by this Taiwanese man through their blogs, as if the war had not ended between the Communists and the Kuomintang (KMT), relating to the fake history they had learned from Communist text books.

"Taiwan belongs to China – If it’s ok in China, so it is in Taiwan." !?



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