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The manager of a 4 star hotel in Switzerland, Brigitte Heller, successfully educated Chinese tourists on not wasting food.


(screenshot from Swiss media)

Modern Chinese people are not familiar with caring about society, the environment or moral responsibility. Wasting food in lavish banquettes by Communist leaders has been common for decades since communist rule in 1949. Wasting food by Chinese tourists is common and looked down upon wherever Chinese tourists venture. Seeing abundant food left on the table after a self-catering serviced meal, Brigitte Heller, the hotel manager decided to teach these Chinese tourists some moral concepts.

She put these photo with both Chinese and English writing on the dining table, and the result was excellent: the waste reduced significantly.

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There are many ways of spying on people and organizations but the Chinese appear to have found a different one.

According to Russian media reports, recently, St Petersburg customs seized a batch of small electrical appliances imported from China. The customs officers opened them up, and found microchips.   These chips were suspected of being able to spread viruses and spam, so the goods were confiscated and sent for investigation.

However, dozens of electric irons, kettles and digital cameras with these chips had already reached the Russian market.

Reports indicate that as long as the appliances are plugged in, the "spy chips" will be able to connect to computers within a radius of 200 meters, spreading spam messages containing viruses, monitoring users, and acting as 'spybots' to control the computer.  it is extremely difficult to deter an attack, because it does not come from outside, but from within.

What other items made in China do we need to be wary of?

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