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Mao's Car Breakdown in Tiananmen Square

A former Red guard revealed forbidden photos of Mao's car which had broken down before Mao and his cronies, Zhou Enlai and Lin Biao reached Tiananmen Square on 31st August, 1966, the day Mao set out to instruct thousands of young red guards at the start of the Cultural Revolution. The car was finally pushed to the side of the Square.

Former Premier Zhou Enlai held by a guard in the chaos. (screenshot)

Australian Premiere of 'Free China: The Courage to Believe' PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage
China Uncensored   

The Australian premiere of the award-winning film FREE CHINA: THE COURAGE TO BELIEVE will be held in Sydney in November.

The fates of a woman living in Beijing and a man living in New York become inextricably linked because of a common conviction. This remarkably moving film exposes the widespread human rights violations taking place in China and the efforts by people of conscience to end the persecution and abuse. It raises awareness regarding freedom of speech, freedom of belief, information censorship, forced labour and international corporations' unethical conduct.

Supported by: Australian Lawyers For Human Rights, The Australian Tibet Council and HRAFF (Human Rights Arts & Film Festival).

Session times:

Monday 11 November - EVENT CINEMAS, Bondi Junction - 6.45pm
Tuesday 12 November - EVENT CINEMAS, George St, Sydney - 6.45pm

Wednesday 13 November - EVENT CINEMAS, Myer Center - 6.30pm

Thursday 14 November - COMO CINEMA, South Yarra - 7pm
Friday 15 November - NOVA CINEMA, Carlton - 6.30pm

Get tickets here (not for profit event)

View trailer and awards here

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