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A Long Wait for Harmony

Harmony Primary school is situated in picturesque Hangzhou, but with 740 students and teachers, only 1 male toilet of 6 seats and 1 female toilet of 8 seats, crowds are guaranteed at every class changeover period of 10 minutes. So students try to not drink water to avoid going to the toilet, some wet themselves because it is too crowded to get to the toilet in time.

Above photo: A teacher keeps order for students waiting outside of toilets. (screenshot)

Below: Hangzhou government house.

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Harvard University is the world’s most prestigious University, however it is also been described as the “second school of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)Central Commission“, whose mysterious relationship with Bo Guagua, the son of disgraced Chinese official Bo Xilai, was recently revealed at the trial of Bo Xilai.

Bo Xilai was accused with receiving RMB ¥21.79million (US$3.56million) in bribes from two businessmen, Xu Ming and Tang Xiaolin, in the city of Dalian, according to Chinese prosecutor’s paper.

This is the first time that the younger Bo has been formally linked to the scandal.

A transcript released by the Jinian Intermediate Court on 23rd August, 2013, disclosed that Bo Guagua invited a group of 40 professors and officials from Harvard to visit Chongqing and Beijing at the expense Xu Ming, the chairman of Dalian Shide Company.

According to Gu Kailai’s testimony: “I remembered that there were three or four times when the vice principal of Guagua’s University, the whole family of Guagua’s teacher and his foreign friends came to visit Beijing, and all the air tickets were bought by Mr. Xu following my instructions and arranged by the staff of Xu’s company under his instructions.“

In testimony, Mr. Zhang Xiaojun, the Bo family house keeper said: “Bo Guagua told me that there would be a delegation of more than 40 people from Harvard visiting Beijing at the end of February 2011, and he asked me to contact Mr. Guo to book some rooms for them at the Beijing Hotel, later he sent me, via the web, the accurate numbers of delegates and the accurate room numbers so I followed his instructions and contacted Mr. Guo who booked the rooms for the delegates in the Beijing Hotel, with all costs paid for by the Shide Company of Dalian.“

Bo Guagua in his graduation day from Harvard (screenshot)

Bo Guagua‘s childhood in Anglo-American elite schools

Bo Guagua was born in 1987, when Bo Xilai was the mayor of Dalian. He sent Guagua, who was 12 years old to a preparatory School, Papplewick in Britain in 2000, whose current annual tuition fee is £22425 according to the school’s webpage.

One year later, Guagua was the first mainland Chinese student at Britain’s most famous private school, Harrow, where the annual tuition fee is £30930.

Bo Guagua enrolled at Oxford University in 2006, to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics, the annual tuition fee being £26000.

According to the Daily Mail and Hong Kong media, he was expelled from Balliol College, Oxford, because of poor academic performance. He then transferred to Harvard University (due to help from Neil Haywood), whose annual tuition fee is US$70,000.

One report from Britain’s famous private school said that of all the young ‘princelings’, Bo Guogua was the one who enjoyed publicity the most.

This is not surprising, as Bo Xilai, himself, is a princeling of a communist party leader. Bo ushered in Chongqing's "Red revolution” and arrested thousands of people who legitimately got rich through hard work, confiscating their wealth, while his own son enjoys a lavish life style like himself.

Primary school students watch the red flag raised in China. (screenshot)

Harvard -- Second school of the CCP Central Committee?

Though the most prestigious University in the world, Harvard is regarded by many overseas Chinese as the second school of the CCP Central Committee.

According to Japanese media, Asahi Shimbun, on 10th October 2012, though the real school of the CCP Central Committee, whose sole responsibility is to train future leaders of China, is in Beijing, however, so many children of high officials of the CCP are educated at Harvard that it has become known as second school of the Central Committee.

It was said that at one dinner party held at a hotel near Harvard University in 2009, attended by more than 450 Chinese students and scholars from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, a Chinese businessman who attended the party took a photo of Jiang Yaoping, the Chinese vice Minister of Commerce, who was sent as a visiting scholar in 2009. In the photo, there were the flags of China and the USA on the wall of the ballroom.

Though some of the Chinese students paid the admission fee themselves, Bo Guagua's fees were paid by his ‘private donor', whilst many had their fees paid by the communist party.

Harvard questioned about training communist officials

According to Asahi Shimbun, a little more than 10 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party embarked on an ambitious effort to give its public officials the training, skills, and expertise they need to govern in the increasingly complex situations that test an authoritarian regime’s resilience.

Carefully vetted officials — a selection of some of the regime’s rising stars — were sent abroad to study in specially designed programs at some of the world’s finest universities. The first crop was sent to Harvard.

The Harvard curriculum, specially designed for this program, resembles a midcareer executive course. Housed at the Kennedy School’s Ash Center, the Harvard faculty teach Chinese officials leadership, strategy, and public management. The main leadership program lasts eight months. More than half of the officials sent to Harvard receive a promotion not long after they return to their duties at home.

One article published on 23rd May, 2012, in the web magazine, The Slate, stated that:

Some people will find something sinister in Harvard giving a generation of Chinese leaders tips on how to govern. They have a point. Because, no matter how thinly you slice it, Harvard is helping to hone, polish, and professionalize an authoritarian regime that systematically commits human rights abuses on a nearly unparalleled scale. Harvard isn’t teaching anyone how to interrogate a human rights activist—the Chinese authorities need no lessons there—but they are arguably helping to perpetuate the dominance of a party that has no reservations about brutalizing those who do nothing beyond questioning its right to rule.


Harvard University professors may have learned something from Bo Guagua and the trips he offered, but would that have advanced Harvard standards, or has it already cast an ill influence in one of the world's elite academies?

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