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A Thousand Snakes Sunbathe on Road

On 8th Oct, over a thousand snakes were seen crawling on the road in Liuhe county, Jinlin province - over 700 died when run over by passing cars.

A man trys to move an injured snake to the side of the road. (Screenshot)

According to a local road inspector, every year around this time, dozens of snakes come from the bush beside the road to sun-bath, but this year the number of snakes is greater than ever before.

Communist China Soft-Power Offensive PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage
Epoch Times   

Daniel Friesen said he was alarmed by what his Saturday copy of the Toronto Star had tucked inside it: a copy of the China Daily, an English-language newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

The China Daily is owned and controlled by China’s ruling regime and among its responsibilities is advancing the party’s viewpoints on everything from Tibet to democracy.

Those viewpoints tend to justify communist authoritarian rule and paint persecuted groups like Tibetans and Uyghurs as violently opposed to the caring rule of the Party and its efforts to help all Chinese.

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