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What Is Dang Zhong Yang?

A popular Chinese blogger, Han Han planned to set up his own magazine in 2010, called Solo Team, but was stopped by Chinese censors due to this cover.

According to Han Han, a communist official asked him why the cover had such a design? Han explained that as it is not allowed to reveal the private parts of the body, he covered it with a magazine logo. (solo team). The officer accused him of implying that the central body of the communist party has guns. So the magazine plan was killed off.

In China, the media use "跟随党中央 which means: "following the central body of the Party" everyday in communist propaganda reports. "The central lead body of the Party" in Chinese is "党中央" pronounced: "Dang-Zhong-Yang" in mandarin. "Dang" means party; "zhong-yang" means centre.

Also, in Chinese,  档中央 has the exact same pronunciation, 档 -- "Dang" means the centre of the trousers; or 挡 - "Dang ", same pronunciation, means covering. So it implies either the middle (or fly area) of the trousers: 档中央, or covering the middle: 挡中央 -- Dang-Zhong-Yang.




















The cover of Han Han's planned magazine, Solo Team.

Snowden's Failed Pact With Red China PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage

Many Chinese media outlets believe that the backstage support for the Snowden affair is the Jiang faction of the communist gang. The inside fight between President Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang against Jiang Zemin and Zhou Yongkang is becoming more blood thirsty, since Zhou Yongkang's plot to eliminate Xi Jinping and let Bo Xilai take control of China failed.

According to insider news from Beijing, the Snowden affair was plotted by Jiang's gang to threaten the US and President Xi Jinping. However, the US got annoyed as the event unfolded, so that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) got intimidated and they finally abandoned Mr Snowden. President  Xi arrested the secretary of Mr Zhou Yongkang, the leader of the Jiang side and forced the Jiang faction to cool their involvement in the Snowden affair.

The Jiang faction, wanting to threaten the US and spoil the expected Sino-US cooperation arranged by Mr Xi, is on their guard against the US. They then arranged for the Hong Kong government to allow Mr Snowden to leave Hong Kong “on his own accord for a third country.”

The Jiang faction tried to make use of the Snowden affair to threaten the US and attack the power of President Xi. They not only created the Snowden affair but made use of this affair to set off anti- American sentiment in the beginning of the affair. However, the Propaganda Department of the CCP’s Central Committee suddenly banned further reporting on Snowden as from June 19, and requested all media to quote Xinhua News Agency in relation to the Snowden affair. Then, on June 23 the news came that Mr Snowden was leaving Hong Kong which made the parades of  Hong Kong’s pro-communists to support Mr Snowden a farce , and it made the Hong Kong Chief Executive , Mr. Leung Chun – of the Jiang faction – very embarrassed.

According to US sources the US government is thoroughly investigating the relationship between Mr Snowden and the CCP. Although the PRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that Mr Snowden was a spy of the CCP, the US Republican Congressman, Mr Peter King pointed out that there were many reasons to doubt the motives of NSA’s leak case.

Mr King said: "First of all, he [Mr Snowden] transferred his money to China, and he learnt Chinese before, his girl friend has some contact with the Chinese, and he chose China among all other countries, he publicized the leakage on the same weekend that President Obama met the President of China, Mr. Xi , and he still stayed in Hong Kong controlled by China. So we have every reason to believe a relationship between him and the intelligence organization of the CCP.”

Recently, a blog disclosed the employer of Mr Snowden, “Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp”. The board of directors of “Booz Allen Hamilton Holding” is the “Carlyle Group” which have a common interest and cooperation with the “China CITIC Group”, controlled by the National Security of the CCP, who also have shared cooperation with “China CINDA Asset Management Co. Ltd”, controlled by  the grandson of Mr. Jiangze Ming and Mr Jiang Zhicheng , and the son of Mr Liu Yunshan, Mr Liu Lefei.

The China “CINDA Asset Management Co.” of the PRC’s Ministry of Finance was founded in 2010, with a sudden injection of 25.1 billion yuan. Its registered capital reached 30.1 billion Yuan with the injections of four other companies which included the Social Security Fund, CITIC and two other foreign companies.

According to the “Yazhou Zhoukan”( YZZK), the  director , chairman and CEO of the CITIC Industrial Investment Fund Management CO, LTd is Mr Liu Yuefei, the son of Mr Liu Yunshan ,  a Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister of the CCP, who shared in the benefit of the Social Security Fund and the Ministry of Finance of the CCP.  However, Mr. Liu shared the profit with the grandson of Mr Jiang Zemin, Mr Jiang Zhicheng( Alvin Jiang), and the Carlyle Group in 2013.

Mr Jiang Zhicheng ( Alvin Jiang ) is the son of Mr Jiang Zemin’s oldest son, Mr Jiang Mianheng , who set up the BoYu Investment Advisory (Beijing ) Co. Ltd in 2011 when he was 25 years old, and this company is also a stakeholder of CITIC Industrial Investment Fund Management, which might prove that the Jiang family is really a very wealthy family of China these days. In 2005, the original Booze Allen Hamilton Holding group sold the Outreach Business of the American government to the Carlyle group, which is the Booz Allen Hamilton Holding that Snowden worked in.

There are many mysteries regarding Mr Snowden’s betrayal of the US, such as: why Mr Snowden chose Hong Kong as his hiding place; why he publicized  his information at the meeting of President Obama with President Xi; and why the attitude of the CCP towards Mr Snowden was so ambiguous , not giving him shelter in the end.

The report of YZZK gave everything a reasonable explanation, that is, somebody made Mr Snowden a promise when he betrayed the US, so he fled to Hong Kong. However, as his leakage at the meeting of President Xi and President Obama made President Xi very embarrassed and annoyed him, the Hong Kong government dared not to give Mr Snowden further shelter, so Mr Snowden was forced to flee to Russia.

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