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Football Match Fixing; Communist Rule Questioned PDF Print E-mail
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The defeat of the Chinese Football team to the Thai Football team in a catastrophic loss at 1:5, shocked many Chinese people. But there was a suspicion with many that the match was fixed or manipulated.

After the game, the former Spanish national team marshal, the Chinese Football Coach Mr Jose Camacho said: "The Thai team began to take the initiative at the first minute of the game, however, the Chinese team members always stood at the wrong positions and didn't form a complete formation." He added: "In today's game, it seemed that there was only one team playing."

The"Shanghai Xinming" news paper had quickly checked the betting information regarding this game, and found the information had effected the betting dramatically.

A Macao betting company disclosed that they had received information 15 minutes after the game started, that the Chinese team would lose 3 goals to Thailand, so they quickly changed their betting procedure. While William Hill, a British online betting company that had no access to "inside information", still kept their score.  If one guessed that the Chinese would lose at least 3 goals to Thailand, the reward score would be 1 to 37.5. It means $1 bet would get $37.5 in return. As a result, William Hill had to pay one Chinese betting agent over 1.2 billion US dollars. This Chinese betting agent acted for some anonymous clients and paid William Hill 120 million Chinese yuan for betting, and William Hill now has to deliver a price of more than 28 billion yuan.

The CEO of the gaming company, Mr Bob Reeves said afterwards "this game is really a scam, its results are directly manipulated by gamblers."

Some spectators can't understand, knowing match-fixing is going on, why the Chinese football games still have an audience.  Some say match-fixing has become synonymous with Chinese football, and the endurance of the Chinese football fans is tested by this disgusting behaviour.

But Chinese football is not the only thing ruined by the Communist rule. There is now a deepening crackdown on bribery, but that is only the tip of the iceberg: millions of yuan are transferred overseas by corrupt officials, people are gradually discovering the unspoken shady rules behind real estate transactions; similar to Chinese football, the collusion between business people and corrupt local government officials has become a topic high in the public interest.

Some Chinese football fans are calling to dissolve the Chinese Football Association, saying that  without dissolving the Association which is administrated by the Chinese Government,  Chinese football would never be able to develop normally. It is just like saying that without dissolving the NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) the Chinese economy would never be able to develop normally.

However, the Current Affairs commentator, Mr Xia Xiaoqiang replied frankly: "You'd rather dissolve the CCP instead of dissolving the Chinese Football Association, as the Chinese Football Association is not a private organization, but a government agency, and is appointed by [the] CCP. So if we merely dissolve the football association, and the CCP can assign a new association, which would be no different with the current Football Association."[nothing would have changed]

Mr Yao Ming, the famous former basketball player, who  entered the Chinese political field but had not been in the  media for a long time, was invited to visit the Sohu Media Tower recently where he accepted an exclusive interview. On the question related to this disastrous Chinese football result, Mr Yao Ming replied: "First of all, I don't think that Mr Camacho, as the coach of the Chinese Football team, should take full responsibility for the failure of this game, but Camacho [was] being set as a scapegoat. Facing this disastrous failure, my suggestions for the Chinese Football team is to calm down, look inward, then make up any decision."  

According to Mr Yao Ming, "only the best coach could and would be recruited (or hired ) by the Chinese sports community, so how could [it be] that all those best coaches in the world who instructed other teams to continuous successes in other countries, could not lead the Chinese team to a success?" "Of course, we might use that popular term, the so called 'Chinese character' to excuse (ourselves), and saying that those foreigners could not fit in[to] our 'Chinese characteristics'. However, if all those foreigners could not fit in[to] our system, then shouldn't we look inward ourselves and see whether we have a problem?!

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