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Mao's Car Breakdown in Tiananmen Square

A former Red guard revealed forbidden photos of Mao's car which had broken down before Mao and his cronies, Zhou Enlai and Lin Biao reached Tiananmen Square on 31st August, 1966, the day Mao set out to instruct thousands of young red guards at the start of the Cultural Revolution. The car was finally pushed to the side of the Square.

Former Premier Zhou Enlai held by a guard in the chaos. (screenshot)

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Global Stage

It is well known that Chinese female spies are placed into many important Western business empires, forming close ties with important business leaders around the world.  A news item from the Chinese language media, Panchinese, recently revealed that the "Iron Woman" whose divorce came to be headline news all over the world is a first class spy of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China's General Political Department.

According to limited information revealed by some inside sources in Beijing, this story would be the most legendary and successful one, and possibly the most dramatised espionage story in the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The source from Beijing revealed, according to PanChinese, that one of the sources of the General Political Department (GPD) of the CCP, said that the divorce of this lady was of earth shattering proportions to the GPD, which is now trying to come to grips with it.

It was said that this lady was recruited by the GPD in 1986, while she was a freshman in GuangZhou Medical University, and was trained to be a spy to Hong Kong, as at that time, China was recovering Hong Kong.  The GPD was then under great pressure by the CCP to control the entire media conglomerates of Hong Kong.

So the GPD not only got directly involved in the setting up of Phoenix TV, but also tried to control the Hong Kong newspapers by controlling their shares. Doing espionage on Hong Kong media outlets controlled by Western media is a very effective way for the GPD to control Hong Kong media outlets and influence the Western media.

In 1987 the lady spy was introduced to an American couple, Mr and Mrs Cherry, the husband being a professor teaching in China. In February 1988 the spy (trainee lady spy) stopped her Uni study in China, went to America to study, helped by the American couple, according to PanChinese.

Two years later, after being supported by this couple and living in their home, she became the wife of the 50 year old Professor Cherry, who was 30 years her senior. In June 1990, 4 month after her formal marriage with Mr. Cherry, she found a younger boyfriend who she widely introduced as her husband to her friends and social circle.

According to Mr Cherry they only stayed together for four or five months, because he found out about her relationship with another younger man, who, it was said, later on provided her huge tuition fees to Yale University. In Sep 1992, she divorced from the professor, her legal husband after gaining her US "green card" 7 months earlier.

It was only in September 1992 that they legally divorced which gave her room to obtain US residency. Their marriage on paper lasted 2 years and 7 months while the requirements by the US immigration Dept. for the validity of a marriage is 2 years minimum.

In 1993 she graduated from California State University. In 1995 her boyfriend went to Beijing while she went to Yale University to study for her MBA. In 1996 she went back to China to become a formal GPD spy.

PanChinese also disclosed that the source of the huge MBA tuition fees to Yale University became unclear. It was found that her boyfriend with whom she had a relationship for 5 years was not a rich man. He was just the manager of a gymnastics school in California, owned by a Chinese gymnastic star, Mr Li, whose wife was a room-mate with the spy, when they studied at California State University.  Because of her acquaintance with Mr Li's wife, her boyfriend was accepted by Mr Li to be the manager of his gym.

The speed by which the spy obtained the US residency attracted the attention of the GPD and they decided to give her formal spy training. In 1996, by special arrangement, the spy met the senior media manager of Hong Kong in a first class seat of an airplane.  She convinced him of her connection with China’s high officials, resulting in this senior manager accepting her traineeship with his company on the plane.

The PanChinese net questioned the necessity of an MBA student of the US to get her practice experience in Hong Kong and the possibility of this lady, who was merely a trainee at that time to afford a first class ticket, as her family was not wealthy.

In 1996 she finished her traineeship, returned to Yale University and graduated from Yale with an MBA. In 1997 she became formally employed by the Hong Kong media empire. On one occasion, the spy was able to meet the CEO of this media empire.  To get his attention she splashed some cocktail on him.  In June 1999 she married this CEO, who is 53 years her senior.  In November 2001 she gave birth to her first child using the frozen sperm of her husband and secured the financial heritage agreement.

In June 2013 the CEO filed a divorce.

The story of this lady would be much more exciting than any of the espionage movies of Hollywood. It was said by a Beijing insider that due to this unprecedented success, the spy chief of the GPD, a son of the formal Chinese marshal Ye Jianying, has secured his power in the political field.

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