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Edward Snowden, claimed in Hong Kong this week, that he is the source of recent disclosures about top-secret National Security Agency programs, and says that he is a former undercover CIA employee.

He claims he chose Hong Kong to hide due to its “reputation for freedom” and “strong tradition of free speech”  an absurd statement to all but the extremely gullible. The Chinese Communist regime has been doing its utmost to destroy Hong Kong's freedoms since the handover in 1997.

The timing of Snowden's allegations is interesting - the report effectively derailed the China-US meeting in Washington in which the hosts were taking China to task for its massive hacking of US military secrets and industrial espionage. (see Death by China - book and video for information on China's miltary and industrial espionage)

Snowden then surfaces in communist controlled Hong Kong and the communist-run Global Times recommends letting Snowden stay in communist China to "help" the regime with cyber-intel matters.

The Washington Times reported that the Pentagon is concerned that Snowden will compromise top-secret electronic intelligence programs targeted against China, as he worked on highly classified electronic intelligence programs targeting China at the NSA’s Kunia facility in Hawaii, according to a defense official.

The defense official said it is possible Snowden may already have contact with MSS officials in Hong Kong. The MSS, China’s top intelligence agency, is believed to have hundreds or even thousands of operatives working in Hong Kong. US intelligence agencies are reportedly investigating Snowden to ascertain any links to foreign government operatives.

Chinese dissident Hu Jia slammed the idea that the US is as bad as the Chinese regime in a Taipei Times story on the view from abroad regarding the Snowden story:  “The US would never monitor us. They are using it to fight terrorism. It’s totally different to what the Chinese government does to listen in on us.”

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