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Victim of Tiananmen Massacre Finally Stands

"Chinese finally stand up!" was a famous Mao slogan when the communists took over China in 1949. Since then, Chinese people have had to recite this slogan time and time again, and posters containing this slogan are posted in many places in China. It is a strong propaganda slogan that the communists have used for 6 decades to brainwash the Chinese that "the Communist Party and Mao are the saviors of the Chinese people".

Zheng Fang, one of the June 4th massacre victims who lost his legs when crushed by a PLA tank, can finally stand up thanks to the helping hands extended by American doctors and the public. With the new legs, Zheng Fang also gears up for a brand new life.

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Global Stage

In China body organs are taken from executed prisoners, and Falun Gong prisoners of conscience, and for a fee, are then implanted in patients from the West.

When Beijing attorney Han Bing published his latest blog on December 6, 2012, he must have known he was placing himself at serious risk. His report spread like wildfire via the Chinese wire service Sina Weibo. “On this very morning,” Han reported, “a frightful execution took place.” A prisoner sentenced to death was reportedly executed although the highest Chinese court, a few days before, had ordered the case to be reexamined. Apparently, for the responsible parties, this was too long a wait. The prisoner’s body organs were needed and had to be in the best possible condition.

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